Monday, June 1, 2009

So Hood slaps Brittanya?

Bay Bay Bay tweeted about a fight between you and Brittanya. Did you get into it with her before you left?

Oh yes I did! That unstable creature is fake from head to toe. She takes those tattoos and tries to cover up them stretch marks and imperfections on her body, but I see under all of that. Brittanya and I had an issue because she was saying if anybody ever f*** with her, she would spit on them. I don’t play that s***. If you’re looking to commit suicide, that’s the best way to do it, because I will f***ing kill you if you ever spit on me. I don’t know what barn her ass was raised in if she thinks spitting on someone is OK. She kept talking about she’s got this case, she’s got this case. Well, I wanted to know more about this case. It can’t be nothing major. She’s talking about out on bail. It’s probably a few hundred dollars. I mean, who’s not out on bail? I’m out on bail! We all out on bail! I’m out on bail, too, but it’s a minor charge. She wants to take something so minor and play like it’s so big. She’s playing this tough-guy role, and I told her, “If I ever leave out these doors, you better look out.” When I was leaving, after I said, “F*** Charm School,” she was the first person I saw, and I slapped the f*** out of her, and I threw a drink on Marcia. I wanted to show them how it felt to be treated like a garbage can. I gave them a taste of their own medicine, but I don’t spit on people. That’s horrible. That’s nasty. There’s f***in’ swine flu going around here and you’re spitting on people. So, I tried to slap those piercings out of her face.

So what did she do in response?

She did not hit me back. She just went on barking at the mouth like she always does. If you didn’t know any better, you might think she’s actually tough, but I’m here to prove that she’s not. I know that was crazy, but hey, I told her. Of course, in my school, I wouldn’t teach anyone to display violence. But I was willing to go to jail for that one.



Anonymous said...

you didnt slap no one cuz if you would of it would have been shown...come on this is a reality world...that would have been shown all threw a fit and it was what it was

Anonymous said...

I think its a bunch of bullshit no one slapped nobody and aint no mma fight bout to go down has anyone ever seen one this shit is fake if I was in sohood position I would make sure cameras were there and if I was in brittanya position I would hit so hood back the minute she hit me so stop talkin and do something already I know I would

Anonymous said...


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