Monday, June 1, 2009

how to steal a guy in 90 seconds.

I was ova reading Ms brook lynne carter's
make sure you go ova there and check her out!

well, not 90 seconds, but quickly.

once again, i will be the self proclaimed BAD GUY, and tell you how to get a man that you think is unavailable and make him yours. going after a guy who is dating other women NON exclusively can be trying, tricky and hilarious all at the same time. if it was me, im never in competition with anybody, i run my own race, and its that kind of certainty that gets me what i want.

first of all, most of us ladies make the mistake of hitting a guy with the sappy shit waaaay to early and for what? poetry, blowing kisses and teasing is for the minor leagues. all those things are cute and all, but guys are SIMPLE. being complex and "deep" initially isn't drawing them, its confusing him. why are you talking about past relationships on date number one? men want passion and spontaneity, fun and laughing..good times, easy shit. lets uncomplicated things, shall we?

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