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WATCH UFC 92 wanderlei Silva vs quinton jackson 3 HERE

WATCH Forrest griffin vs Rashad Evans

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir Video- UFC 92

UFC 92 Cheick Kongo vs Mustapha al Turk

UFC 92 CB Dollaway vs Mike Massenzio

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stupid Athletes

One of the things that I just don’t get, is how stupid people really are. Now, I am generally tolerant of a lot of things, but stupidity is not one of them. Lets take athletes for example. These are men who have it made. They make millions and millions of dollars for their athletic abilities. They don’t even really have to play very long. For these millions and millions of dollars, all they have to do is play their game, stay out of trouble, and be a public figure for a few years. This sounds pretty simple right? It seems like the only real issue would be avoiding injury right? Apparently it’s not. So here is my list of the top 5 dumbest NFL players.

#5 Chris Henry

Now this guy could’ve had a promising career in the NFL. The problem was that he just couldn’t handle it. He was in basically nonstop trouble from before he was signed on. As a sophomore at WVU he was kicked out of a game for unsportsmanlike conduct and was suspended for the season finale against the
University of Pittsburgh. So why not give him a deal in the NFL right? In 2005 he was pulled over for speeding and was caught with drugs in is shoe, and driving without a license. In January 2006 Henry was arrested in Orlando, Florida for multiple gun charges including concealment and aggravated assault with a firearm. Then in May, he was questioned regarding a sex crime, and in June he got caught in a DUI. Then in October he was suspended by the NFL for two games for violating the league's personal conduct and substance abuse policies. 2007 wasn’t any better. In April Chris was suspended for the first eight games of the 2007 NFL season for violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy. In June and November he was arrested twice for assault. The first was for beating up a 16 year old boy, and the second for a valet attendant. Then in December, he was arrested again for violation of his probation. In 2008 he was arrested again for assault, and the Bengals waived him. Unfortunately, they must not have really learned a lesson, since they decided to resign him to a 2 year contract in August of 2008. I guess this story isn’t over, and I can’t wait to hear about all the new troubles he can get into.

# 4 Plaxico Burress

Now this guy is your run of the mill everyday Jackass, and I know this because of a personal run-in with him when he was still in Pittsburgh. This guy is a bit of a bitch as well, and has been mostly a headache in his career. I won’t even discuss the amount of trouble he got himself into with the Steelers, and even in college. Since he joined the giants, he has already been suspended and fined around 50 times since 2005, coincidently, that is also around the number of games he has played. Then in 2008 he refused to participate at camp because he didn’t feel he got paid enough. He did attend, but sat it out claiming that his ankle was injured. Then in Nov of 2008 he decided to go to a club, and tuck his unlicensed gun into his sweatpants. Real smart huh? It slid down his leg, and as he was fumbling with the gun, it went off and shot him in the thigh. He later turned himself into police to face the handgun charges. He was also suspended for the remainder of the season and faced more fines, plus the loss of his bonus and pay for the rest of the season. He is scheduled for court in March for the charges, but has not lost his career yet. However, if the Giant’s have half a brain, he won’t be returning next year. Even though he won the super bowl, he is way more trouble then he is worth.

#3 Adam Bernard “Pacman” Jones

Now in reality, this guy should be higher on the list, except he must have an angel on his side, because he can still play in the NFL. This guy has a nice long list of trouble that he has been in. He was arrested in 2005 for assault and vandalism. In August 2006, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication, and got cited in October for misdemeanor assault for spitting in the face of a female student. The big story was the altercation and shooting in Vegas in 2007. He was charged with one count of felony coercion as well as one misdemeanor count of battery and one misdemeanor count of threat to life, and Jones pleaded no contest to one charge of conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. He was given a suspended prison sentence of one year, probation, and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service. In April he was suspended for the rest of the 2007 season. While on suspension he managed to stay in trouble. He was accused of hitting a woman at a strip club in Atlanta and then violated the league's personal conduct policy by being involved in an alcohol-related scuffle with one of his bodyguards at a private party in Dallas on Oct. 7. He finally returned for the Pittsburgh game but ended up hurt. He is scheduled to return for the next game against Baltimore. On the plus side, it must be nice for him to actually be out of the game and not be in jail. Honestly, I have no idea why this jerk is allowed to continue to be a figure that young kids can look up to.

#2 Michael Dwayne Vick

Now I really hate adding Mike to this list because I am a falcons fan, and I love Michael Vick, but damn if he didn’t pull some dumb shit. Now, Vick has been in trouble for a while. In 2004 he got into some trouble with the law, when 2 men were arrested for dealing drugs from Vick’s truck, then again for theft at Hartsfield International Airport. In 2005 he was sued for giving some female and STD. In 2006 he was fined 10,000$ for flipping off some people who booed at him. Then in 2007 he lost his damn mind. He started off with a water bottle with a hidden compartment, and I am sure that everyone knows the story of how Vick and three other men were charged by federal authorities with
felony charges of operating an unlawful six-year long interstate dog fighting venture known as "Bad Newz Kennels" at Vick's 15-acre property in Surry County, Virginia. Vick was accused of financing the operation, directly participating in dog fights and executions, and personally handling thousands of dollars in related gambling activities. Then while free on bail, he failed a drug test. On December 10, Vick was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison. The fines became ridiculous, and on July 7, 2008, Vick sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newport News after failing to "work out consensual resolutions with each of his creditors," according to court papers. The initial filing, which was incomplete, listed assets of less than $50 million and debt of $10 million to $50 million.

#1 Orenthel James “O.J.” Simpson

Now I know that ya’ll know the story of O.J. Simpson. In 1989, Simpson plead
no contest to a domestic violence charge and was separated from Nicole Brown, to whom he was paying child support. On June 12, 1994 Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman were found dead outside Brown's condominium. Simpson was charged with their murders. Unfortunately, "the trial of the century," ended on October 3, 1995 in a jury verdict of not guilty for the two murders. A lot of people were outraged by the verdict. Now on the plus side, on February 5, 1997 a civil jury unanimously found Simpson liable for the wrongful death of and battery against Goldman, and Brown, and he was ordered to pay $33,500,000 in damages.
Now you would think that after all this he would have learned a lesson right….WRONG. In September 2007, a group of men led by Simpson entered a room at the
Palace Station hotel-casino and took sports memorabilia at gunpoint. Simpson admitted to taking the items, which he said had been stolen from him, but denied breaking into the hotel room; he also denied that he or anyone else carried a gun. He was released after questioning, but arrested 2 days later. This time, court didn’t go so well. On October 3rd, he was found guilty, and on December 5, Simpson was sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison with the possibility of parole in about 9 years. I say good riddance to the idiot, and hopefully we won’t have to hear any more about him.

So to all the athletes out there, take some time to really look at how good you got it compared to the rest of us. Get a grip on reality, realize that you are not above the law, and stop doing stupid shit. That's a really great way to lose all you have worked for. Let me know who would have made your top lists.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Culture VI interview with Joell Ortiz (part 1)

Wil and the Culture VI fam with another exclusive interview
One of my favorite MCs
Joell Ortiz

A Culture VI Experience with Joell Ortiz (part 1). GREAT interview! We spoke about his relationship with Dre and Aftermath, his opinion on hip-hop today, his new album and more. Part 2 will feature him talking about Slaughterhouse!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spotlight on: Photo Rob

Mr Lex - what name do you go by?

I like to go by Photo-Rob. (Rob or Robert is cool too.)

Mr Lex - How long have you been a photographer?

Photo-Rob - I have been a photographer since 1983 when I bought my first camera and put it to use shooting family, friends and events while in the Marines.
In 2004 I took my love and passion for photography a step further and created Realistic Art Photography.

Mr Lex - What made you get started?

Photo-Rob - My interest in Art/Photography was present at a very young age. In Elementary School I use to draw characters and the room with all the furniture
I was sitting in at the time. Then in six grade my home room teacher was also a professional photographer. He started an after school and weekend
program teaching kids photography and how to capture the image and then develope it in the dark room. At that point I knew I liked photography.
But it wasn't until many years later in 1983 where I was able to buy my first camera to start capturing still life.

Mr Lex - What type of photos do you prefer to shoot?

Photo-Rob - I like the photographs that make a person smile when they look at the unfinished or just shot image. So that means I like doing
Portraits(family, models, editorial) and Event photography. I have not settled on doing any specific type of photography. I can shoot a night club party
on a Friday and then change modes and photograph a eight hour wedding on Saturday.

Mr Lex - what is the name of your company and where are you located?

Photo-Rob -The name of my company is Realistic Art Photography and we are located in Dumfries, Virginia. My studio is mobile so setup can be done at your
location or a mutual location.

Mr Lex - I meet you at the Blackmens mag event in Dc was there anything or anybody from that event that sticks out in your mind?

Photo-Rob -This was my second Blackmens Mag DC Swimsuit competition and I have to say that I had a great time capturing the moment.
I knew and or have worked with alot of the ladies in or at the event. This years event had alot of very sexy ladies all shapes and sizes.
I look forward to working with this years winner Shennekia and several of the other contestants on some of my up coming projects.

Mr Lex - What is the best way for people get in contact with you?

Photo-Rob -The best way to contact me would be by phone. But I must say that there are times where I might be doing a shoot or in a meeting when I can't
answer or have a phone on location. So leave a message and or send me a email.
ph#: 703-568-3494
and my sites have a way of sending me a message.

Mr Lex - is there anything you would like to say or promote?

Photo-Rob -I would like to thank you for this opportunity to talk with you and your readers. Realistic Art Photography is putting together several up coming events
and photo shoots in the coming months that will let everyone know who we are in the DMV. So for anyone interested in knowing more and or working with us.
Send a email telling me who you are and how you can help with a large photoshoot, and or a networking/charity event. (location, marketing, sponsorship, advertising,
promotion, training and so much more) And lastly what do you hope to gain by being apart of the event and when it is over?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya (watch here )

Watch the fight replay here

Biweekly Beauty #17 - The Sexy Colombian - Ms. Nessa

Mr Lex - What name do you go by?

MS. NESSA -My Name is Vanessa but everybody calls me NESSA

Mr Lex - What is your nationality?

MS. NESSA - I am 100% Colombian.

Mr Lex - How long have you been Modeling?

MS. NESSA -Its been about to be two years.

Mr Lex - I heard that your a very religious person do you feel like you have any extra hurdles that you have to overcome being in this industry?

MS. NESSA -I am not religious I believe in God and I know that's the only way to achieve my dreams. God do make part of my life. I don't call it"RELIGION"
its more of a relationship whit God and that's what has gotten me till this point in life.

Mr Lex - Are you single?

MS. NESSA -Yes, I am and NOT looking. lol

Mr Lex - (decides not to flirt with Nessa at this time lol) What do you like to do in your spare time?

MS. NESSA -I read , maybe go watch a movie , or just have one of those "MALL DAYS" hehehe just shop till i get tired!

Mr Lex - A Shopaholic i see What is your favorite TV show or movies I'm hooked on the real chance of love lol don't ask me why?

MS. NESSA -I'm not a big fan of t.v but i enjoy the Tyra Banks Show once in a while, but as far as movies i like bad boys 2 , Friday , my favorites movies are scary ones though too many to name.

Mr Lex - The last scary movie That really got me was final destination I didnt even want to drive home from the theater lol and then when the lady got killed at her CPU......AWE mannn lets change the topic.... What is your favorite Song right now?

MS. NESSA -I'm feeling that "Love lockdown" by Kanye.

Mr Lex - Is there any clubs and locations where can people see you at?

MS. NESSA -Well the only clubs i go to are BED, THE FIFTH, DREAM, & MANSION. i hit the club here and there with all my fine homegirls so you might see me
somewhere in VIP chillin'.

Mr Lex - My new goal is to get VIP Access ASAP.... lol What are some of your goals?

MS. NESSA -Well i only not just model, i also design. My next goal its to bring my own swimsuit line to the U.S

Mr Lex - WOW good luck with that and please keep us posted What are some of your accomplishment to date?

MS. NESSA -Just making things happen , making something outta nothing.
I'm working on some things that are already accomplished
but i rather keep them to myself' till i can bring it around.

Mr Lex - What is the biggest misconception about you?

MS. NESSA -I would say some females always get the wrong impression till they get to know me.
I think that happens to most people, they say i look mean and i'm the opposite of that.

Mr Lex - And what is the best way to get in contact with you?

MS. NESSA -You guys can reach me on my myspace page
www. myspace. com/32523921border="0" />

ILL Bill PT.1- interview with CultureVI

Check out the Fam over there at
for those exclusive interviews

Monday, December 1, 2008

Spotlight on: KANARY DIAMONDS - Rapper / Model

Mr Lex - Hello MS KANARY DIAMONDS how are you doing today?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Hey I'm great thanks, I truly can't complain.

Mr Lex - How long have you been making music and modeling?

KANARY DIAMONDS - I've been rapping seriously for about 5 1/2 years but I started modeling when I was a child.

Mr Lex - What keeps you motivated?

KANARY DIAMONDS - My family and my love for music.

Mr Lex - What is the Average working day for you consist of?

KANARY DIAMONDS - A LOT no day is the same, I have so much going on right now. Writing, recording, practicing, meetings, interviews, filming...A LOT! Lol

Mr Lex - Devin da dude said it best - "What a job this is" lol Who are some artists that you have you worked with?

KANARY DIAMONDS - I've worked with KRS-ONE, chingy, Mac 10, yoyo, Colby O'Donis, Glasses Malone and a lot of up and coming artist.

Mr Lex - Where are some places people may have heard your work?

KANARY DIAMONDS - On Mac 10's album "hustler hand book", Chingy's album "Hoodstar", I have also have music placed in the movies waist deep, code name the cleaner, and like mike 2. Also in the tv shows making the band 4, bad girls club, kimora lee show and many more....

Mr Lex - Now thats what you call a workaholic Wow .... but its been a ruff year for female MC's what is your take on the lack of main stream quality female MC's?

KANARY DIAMONDS - In a nut shell. Originality, backing, and unity are a few of the downfalls. We aren't "allowed" to be or self and when we are labels are scared to back it. So females fall in the same patterns as the ones before us. Then when one is on the rise the others hate.

Mr Lex - Yea ant that the truth I know about those haters gotta few of my own but more importantly who are your top 5 all time rappers dead or alive?

KANARY DIAMONDS - 2pac, jayz, nas, lauryn hill, and T.I

Mr Lex -Hummm i mite kick a few people out if that was my list but its still pretty solid lol What songs are in your i pod right now?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Well its a melting pot its one song I listen 2 everyday and that's "change go come" by sam cooke. Right now the songs I listen to a lot is amel larrieux "bravebird" album, jayz american ganster, smokie norful, lil wayne the carter 1, some alicia keys, T.I, celine dion, donny hathaway, kirk franklin, stevie wonder and Of course all mine lol.....I'm listening to a lot of old school cause I can't get with a lot of what people are calling music these days.

Mr Lex - I also heard your a video game head what are some of your fav games?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Yes that's a melting pot also I like all sims and grand theft autos, all 007s golden eye on 64 is still my fav game of all time I'm gonna go get the new quantum of solace when I get some free time, mario kart is one of my favs also. I still play sonic and hit man too lol

Mr Lex - lol Can you tell me more about Ksopt and how long have you been doing the show?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Well unfortunately due to my extremely busy schedule the show has been put on hiatus for now.

Mr Lex - OK Ms buzy body lets switch this up if you could be pampered and spoiled for a whole day how would you want to spend that down time and what would you do or have done to you?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Right now I can take a spa treatment, but I love spending time with my family on my down time it relaxes me. It takes me away from the stress of this business if only for awhile.

Mr Lex - I think im just the opposite im spending too much time with fam i need to start a biz and get away I swear if lil ray ray clogs up the toilet again ima go crazy!!! lol What are some of your goals for the new year?

KANARY DIAMONDS - I've never been the type to make new years resolutions I've always said why wait till then why not now? But by new years one of my goals is to have my new video to my song "mirror mirror" driven the Internet nutts and tv also!

Mr Lex -what is the best way to get in contact with you?

KANARY DIAMONDS -, Myspace and youtube are the best ways to get in contact with me ....

Mr Lex - Is there anything else you would like to say ?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Yes thank you guys for having me. Check out my myspace and youtube add me and drop some love. Also check there for updates and be on the look out for my "mirror mirror" video. Congrats to Barack Obama! Thanx again! KISSES!

Booking info:

God Bless....

Thanks again for taking time out to do this interview
--kanary diamonds the super star!!!

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