Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watch UFC 88 - Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans

If you missed it 2 bad it was a good card
highlights will be up soon!!
Shad got me hyped up
Ima go play with my nipples and whoop somebody's azz!!!
I would also so like to say hello to the 2 beautiful ladies and dunk guy i watched the fight with
ya boy was 4 for 1 on picking winners that night

Akon punching and elbowing 2 girls off a stage

Throw dem bo's
Thats just wrong on so many levels!!!!
lol - Watch more free videos

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bi - Weekly Beauty # 10 Kaaydah Marie aka DIORE

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1) What name do you go by?
Kaaydah Marie means Golden in saying is J'adore Diore...I adore Diore!
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2)And yes i do! lol What are some of your goals?
Kaaydah Marie - My goals would be to take over this game and really make and impact...I want to be big!
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3) Well your on the right path what are some of your accomplishments?
Kaaydah Marie - I've accomplished so much already. I'm new to modeling, but besides that I've done a lot in my lifetime. I used to hurdle for DePaul University. I was on a full scholarship there.
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4) You hurdle ?? I have to see that but more importantly where can people see more of you?
Kaaydah Marie - I have a few projects coming up later this year...make sure you check my myspace for updates on what I'm doing!

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5) Seeing more of you is always a good thing what is the sexiest part of your body and why?
Kaaydah Marie - I think my back! lol It's a place not many people notice but I can say I like my dimples on my lower back, that and maybe my stomach!
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6) And I love those lips Angelina Jolie move ova! whats your current favorite song?
Kaaydah Marie - Business by Yung Berg feat.Casha.....the beautiful BRIA in the video, and Berg is from the CHI (where I currently live) so its a good look!
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7)I hope we can see you in some more videos soon but what do you do in your past time for fun?
Kaaydah Marie - I love going to the pool! I have crazy tan lines right now from being out there but I love water!
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8) Sounds like fun what is a normal working day in your life like?
Kaaydah Marie - Right now I don't have a regular job, so I'm really just concentrating on getting my face out there in this industry and finishing my school.

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9) Good luck on that! believe me we are all wishing you success how old are you?
Kaaydah Marie - I'm 18.

10) What are some current projects your working on?
Kaaydah Marie - Make sure you cop Titanium Girlz Mag. I will be in an upcoming issue!
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11) What is the best way to get in contact with you?
My e-mail address for contact and bookings is:

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Thank you Kaaydah Marie dont be a stranger once you Blow up!!!!!!!

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Kaaydah Marie aka DIORE

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spotlight on: Mr Red Editorial Director for i.b. Concept Magazine

1) What is your name and title?

Mr Red-Mr Red Editorial Director for i.b. Concept Magazine
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2) What is the meaning behind i.b. Concept Magazine? and what can we find inside its pages?

Mr Red - i.b. stands for "Industry Beginnings" and it features up-coming models, actors, athletes, comedians, celebrities and execs to give advice on how to break into the entertainment industry.
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3) What is your role and daily activities with this mag consist of?

Mr Red - Setting up interviews with the celebrities with our writers, overseeing the model photoshoots to make sure they are done correctly without incident, working with the graphics artist for approval of what goes into the magazine, and looking for new and innovative information for our readers.
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4) How did you get started doing this?

Mr Red - Right place at the right time. I was introduced to the magazine business by an associate that I produced music with in the late 90's by the name of Dean Thomas who was starting the magazine with his partner Vince Harden and asked me to write for them. I accepted his offer and as time went on, I got more involved with the magazine. With my prior experience with the entertainment industry of production for Notorious B.I.G. and working with the Trackmasters, it opened doors for me to get interviews with artists. The magazine (and my responsibilities) just took off from there.
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5) Who are some of the celebrities or models you've worked with or hung around?

Mr Red - Numerous models!!! And I take great pride in finding the diamonds in the rough Mia Milano, Ksyn, Shy Saltor, Jazzie Belle, Jeri J, Milani Rose and plenty, plenty more. But Angel a.k.a. Lola Luv was our biggest find and the one I am most proud of. We were the first to feature her on the cover of a magazine and we will always have love for her as she do for us!!! We have found the hottest models in the game since our inception who have went on to grace the pages of major magazines such as King (shoutout Sean Malcolm & Datwon), Smooth (shoutout Sandy), Straight Stuntin (Sup Kay Slay) and Blackmen (sup Marcus) and now made relationships with hot new glamour magazines such as Show and Titanium Girlz (sup Mike and Van Silk). I have been around numerous celebs and it has been wonderful such as LL Cool Jay, 50 Cent, Terrence and Rocsi from 106 and Park, Wendy Williams, Swizz Beats etc.

(Lexxx - "BIG" was the right word talking about Angel Wow. Ive been a fan since trey songz "WonderWoman Video" just skip to the 3:30 mark fellas you will thank me later!)
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6) What advice can you give to people trying to get into the entertainment field?

Mr Red - Do your homework and get serious with what you want to do. Find out is this your desire or is it a way to be around the celebrities so you can date them or just pop bottles and be the center of attention. Hint, Hint, to all you aspiring MODELS AND RAPPERS!!! This is a grind and just because a photographer hands you a card or 5 guys walk down the street and say you're hot, it doesn't mean that you can be a successful model!!! It takes time, dedication and money to success. YES MONEY!!! Pictures ARE NOT FREE!!! Some castings are not free either!!! This is a business!!! Treat it as such. The same goes for any field you go into when it comes to the industry. Knowledge is power and will place you above the rest!!! Go to the library and take out books in your field. Go online and look for information and attend seminars. Pick up a copy of i.b. Concept Magazine as well. (Lol)

(Lexxx - I hope you people have your pencils and notebooks ready class is in session!!!)
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7) what are some qualities you look for in a model for you magazine?

Mr Red - We look for hotness!!! We try to find a model that has never been in magazines before (but we do display models who have) and we look for that one who has something more going for her than just being a "Model". What else you bring to the table?? The staff choose the models now which is a blessing for me. I try to stay away from that drama!!! lol
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8) How can up and coming models and photographers get in contact with you?

Mr Red - They can go to the website and click on model submissions and photographer submissions. Then you can go to the staff emails and personally email them from there.
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9) What has been you inspiration to keep doing what you do?

Mr Red - The love for the entertainment industry and helping those who want to get to the next level!!! I take pride in that. To watch Jared Cotter (thanks Shabliz) on American Idol was a proud moment. He was featured in a 2006 issue of i.b. Concept. Magazines don't pay much like people would think. If it wasn't for other investments in my life I wouldn't be able to do this on a full-time basis.
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10) Do you have any other projects your working on?
Mr Red - Actually, I do!!! I do independent Marketing, Consultant and Sales for numerous magazines such as Titanium Girlz, Straight Stuntin, Sweets, J'Adore (very hot magazine) and other magazines are asking me to work with them as well. As well as doing The Fresh face project with the model Sexy Gwen. You can check the website
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Is there any thing else you would like to say or promote?

Mr Red - Yes, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity Lexxx. Keep doing ya thang sir!!! Much luck to your grind as well!!!!

No sir thank you You have just became my official new role model !!!!!!!!!
I wish you the best of luck and success in everything you do !

(And next time you attend another big event where there is a lot of models just sneak me in the back door im quick and i promise wont nobody see me!!!!!! lol we will talk more about that later!!)
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