Sunday, October 5, 2008

And the I love money winner is??????? Hoopz

My Girl!
I dont care if everyone thinks your a lesbian
Mr Lexxx loves ya

No english title - video powered by Metacafe

No english title - video powered by Metacafe

<a href="" target="_blank">Hoops, Rodeo? Rodeo, Hoops?</a>

Fight Night Round 4 - First Footage (cam)

Oh i cant wait 4 this game 2 come out!
I owe some people some ass whoopns
It looks good I heard
Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd mayweather, Muhammad Ali, Ronald "Winky" Wright, "Sugar" Ray Leonard, Tommy Morrison, Lennox Lewis
will all be in it

KIMBO SLICE vs Seth (somebody i mean nobody)

Kimbos entrance was longer than the fight
so what is elite XC going to do now that their cash cow was knocked out in 14 secs

Vote for Madeline

she is officially part of the red light family so lets give her some support:

1) click on the link above!
2) Click on the upper right hand corner
3) type Mad in the search box
4) and vote for madeline

Thanks Fam support the movement!!!!!!!!

Some new projects from the Redlight sextion:

Some new projects from the Redlight sextion:

TheGurlzClub.... coming soon!!!!! (4 the ladies)
Blog Wars ...... Coming soon!!!!!!! (4 for Friends Foes and everyone in between)
if you dont like me fight me!!!!!!!!
lets get it started

Be on the look out for some more projects in the works as we speak!

Joe Buddens girl

Now dont get me wrong
ima Joe buddens fan
but why is he making all this depressing music when he got this bad azz dominican on his shoulder

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