Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
Just my F***ing luck. Just when I thought things were looking up, life comes and kicks my a** again. So I have a car, nothing fancy, but a 96 Taurus, in amazing condition that I got as a steal for 1200 bucks. I have had this car for a little over a year, with only minor issues (new breaks, tires, and fluid changes.) Now the neighborhood that I live in is supposedly safe right…haha think again. So 2 weeks ago, I am pulling into my back driveway to park and I drag my car as usual because it is the most uneven alley ever. It is one of those annoying brick roads, and there was a water pipe that had to be dug up a few years ago, and it has been in horrible shape since. So I go to pull out the next day, and push the breaks going down the hill, the pedal goes to the floor, and the car doesn’t even attempt to stop. I manage to not smash into the house in front of me and get the car to the street to park it. I don’t get paid for another 2 weeks, so I can’t afford to get it towed and fixed until then. During the next 2 weeks I get 9 parking tickets because it’s sitting there, so I go to the police station…and guess what, they don’t care and I have to pay them all anyways. I explained that I can’t move it until that weekend when I get paid, and they don’t care. They tell me it needs moved because it has been there too long and I have until the weekend to move it, or they consider it abandoned and tow it. Two days later something good happens. There is a car repair shop that opens directly across the street from my car. So it turns out that I don’t have to get it towed, and they will fix it for me. The nice people come and pick up my car and take a look at it for me. They call me and tell me that “magically” all 3 brake lines on my car are busted, and the ball joint is broken, so it’s going to cost $600 to fix it. The guy says either dragging the bottom busted all the lines, or someone cut all 3 lines on the car. Now, I am by no means rich, not even really well off, I live paycheck to paycheck like most people. However, I have recently been saving money hoping to get a position somewhere else and get out of Pittsburgh, so I have some extra cash, and I get it fixed right away. I need to get it fixed because A. It has no breaks, and B. the inspection runs out on May 31 and it obviously won’t pass inspection without fixing it. So I spend the $600 to fix it, and get it inspected to get the police off my back. So all in all I am out about $700 total. I just got this damn car fixed on Saturday. On Monday I drove it to the gas station and filled up the tank and parked it in a better spot. Well tonight when I get off work, my neighbor is blowing up my phone, so I answer. Why is she calling…to tell me that someone has rear ended my car and drove away and that the police are looking for me. I get home to see the back of my car mangled, and I call the police. Guess what, they filled out a report and are looking into it. THAT’S IT! They don’t even send a police officer to come see me, some guy just calls me back. This is how the conversation goes
ME: What are you doing about it?
OFFICER 1: We sent out a BOLO and we filed a report but the witness only saw that it was a blue large car like a Cadillac, he didn’t have many details
ME: Ok well did you get a better description from the camera on the corner?
OFFICER 1: What camera
ME: The one on the store across from the car idiot, how are you the police and you don’t even know this?
OFFICER 1: You don’t need to be rude ma’am, and I don’t have to listen to this…goodbye…CLICK

So I call 911 again and request someone else to call me, which goes like this…

ME: I just spoke to an office who was rude and hung up on me.
OFFICER 2: I understand your frustration ma’am but we need to get some info from you, can you come in tomorrow and bring your insurance and license info so we can add it to the report?
ME: Why would you even need my info when the car was parked, and someone hit me?
OFFICER 2: We need the info as standard procedure…then he reiterates what the 1st cop said, you also need to contact your insurance company and we will call you back with any updates.
ME: Well who is paying for this?
OFFICER 2: Probably your insurance company
ME: I only have liability insurance, because I don’t drive around crashing into people
OFFICER 2: Well there’s nothing I can do about that because we didn’t catch the person who hit you.
ME: So I have to pay for the damage that’s the police dept’s fault in the 1st place for making me move my car? I go on to explain the entire situation from above
OFFICER 2: Again I can understand your frustration, but there is nothing that I can do about all that
Officer2: That’s it ma’am I don’t have to deal with this…CLICK

So I call 911 for the 3rd time and request someone else to call me, which goes like this…

ME: Are you people doing anything about this, besides being rude and unhelpful?
OFFICER 3: We put out a BOLO and we’ll let you know if anything turns up. There’s nothing else we can do
ME: You could at least send an officer her to show that you at least care a little bit, what do I gotta do to get some attention around here?
OFFICER 3: We are doing all that we can.
ME: Well if I walked over there and busted out all the windows in your cop cars, would you only put out a BOLO and wait around the office, or would you do something. And you better hope that no idiot cop comes tomorrow and writes out a parking ticket on my car that is sitting at the meter smashed and I don’t put quarters in it
OFFICER 3: Ma’am, your being belligerent and we don’t have to take this. Do not call 911 again or we can have you arrested
ME: You can’t arrest me for calling in a car accident and actually expecting help instead of a bunch of lazy men, not doing anything at all. I am calling the chief tomorrow, and I better get some real service or I promise you’ll remember my face from now on.
OFFICER 3: Well you just go ahead and call…CLICK

Now ain’t this some bull****. Now, I seriously wouldn’t have been this upset if someone had smashed my car 4 days ago, but I just paid $600 bucks to fix the damn thing. Is it asking too much for a little assistance? So now, I’ve got to lose a half a day’s pay to go to the department and fill out paperwork, and I’ve got to pay to get my car fixed… AGAIN. This is my luck right here. Why can’t I just catch a break just once, and not have anything go bad afterwards. Is that asking too much? And look at my nice pretty car!!!!!!!!! Am I wrong here???

Sunday, May 24, 2009


ROSA ACOSTA - Sexy Stretching GIFs & Video

Wow....... is all i can say!!!!!
I seen these floating around on the net and had to put'm in the sextion !!!
I needed a lil motivation to get back in the gym and I think i just found it

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Halle Berry & Ellen doing hurricane chris's "Halle Berry dance"

Ufc 98

Lyoto Machida vs Rashad Evans Video- UFC 98

Drew McFedries vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam

password: 73433

MMA Videos | Drew McFedries vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam UFC 98

Sean Sherk vs Frankie Edgar

password: 34465


MMA Videos | Sean Sherk vs Frankie Edgar UFC 98 Video

Hughes vs Serra Video

Mayweather Vs. Kenny

They both made some good points!
But its just like in real life kenny had money may back against the ropes and mayweather started duck'n and dodging all the hard stuff
but i got a few laughs from it

"You good at a lot of things but your a master of nothing!"

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