Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya (watch here )

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Biweekly Beauty #17 - The Sexy Colombian - Ms. Nessa

Mr Lex - What name do you go by?

MS. NESSA -My Name is Vanessa but everybody calls me NESSA

Mr Lex - What is your nationality?

MS. NESSA - I am 100% Colombian.

Mr Lex - How long have you been Modeling?

MS. NESSA -Its been about to be two years.

Mr Lex - I heard that your a very religious person do you feel like you have any extra hurdles that you have to overcome being in this industry?

MS. NESSA -I am not religious I believe in God and I know that's the only way to achieve my dreams. God do make part of my life. I don't call it"RELIGION"
its more of a relationship whit God and that's what has gotten me till this point in life.

Mr Lex - Are you single?

MS. NESSA -Yes, I am and NOT looking. lol

Mr Lex - (decides not to flirt with Nessa at this time lol) What do you like to do in your spare time?

MS. NESSA -I read , maybe go watch a movie , or just have one of those "MALL DAYS" hehehe just shop till i get tired!

Mr Lex - A Shopaholic i see What is your favorite TV show or movies I'm hooked on the real chance of love lol don't ask me why?

MS. NESSA -I'm not a big fan of t.v but i enjoy the Tyra Banks Show once in a while, but as far as movies i like bad boys 2 , Friday , my favorites movies are scary ones though too many to name.

Mr Lex - The last scary movie That really got me was final destination I didnt even want to drive home from the theater lol and then when the lady got killed at her CPU......AWE mannn lets change the topic.... What is your favorite Song right now?

MS. NESSA -I'm feeling that "Love lockdown" by Kanye.

Mr Lex - Is there any clubs and locations where can people see you at?

MS. NESSA -Well the only clubs i go to are BED, THE FIFTH, DREAM, & MANSION. i hit the club here and there with all my fine homegirls so you might see me
somewhere in VIP chillin'.

Mr Lex - My new goal is to get VIP Access ASAP.... lol What are some of your goals?

MS. NESSA -Well i only not just model, i also design. My next goal its to bring my own swimsuit line to the U.S

Mr Lex - WOW good luck with that and please keep us posted What are some of your accomplishment to date?

MS. NESSA -Just making things happen , making something outta nothing.
I'm working on some things that are already accomplished
but i rather keep them to myself' till i can bring it around.

Mr Lex - What is the biggest misconception about you?

MS. NESSA -I would say some females always get the wrong impression till they get to know me.
I think that happens to most people, they say i look mean and i'm the opposite of that.

Mr Lex - And what is the best way to get in contact with you?

MS. NESSA -You guys can reach me on my myspace page
www. myspace. com/32523921border="0" />

ILL Bill PT.1- interview with CultureVI

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Spotlight on: KANARY DIAMONDS - Rapper / Model

Mr Lex - Hello MS KANARY DIAMONDS how are you doing today?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Hey I'm great thanks, I truly can't complain.

Mr Lex - How long have you been making music and modeling?

KANARY DIAMONDS - I've been rapping seriously for about 5 1/2 years but I started modeling when I was a child.

Mr Lex - What keeps you motivated?

KANARY DIAMONDS - My family and my love for music.

Mr Lex - What is the Average working day for you consist of?

KANARY DIAMONDS - A LOT no day is the same, I have so much going on right now. Writing, recording, practicing, meetings, interviews, filming...A LOT! Lol

Mr Lex - Devin da dude said it best - "What a job this is" lol Who are some artists that you have you worked with?

KANARY DIAMONDS - I've worked with KRS-ONE, chingy, Mac 10, yoyo, Colby O'Donis, Glasses Malone and a lot of up and coming artist.

Mr Lex - Where are some places people may have heard your work?

KANARY DIAMONDS - On Mac 10's album "hustler hand book", Chingy's album "Hoodstar", I have also have music placed in the movies waist deep, code name the cleaner, and like mike 2. Also in the tv shows making the band 4, bad girls club, kimora lee show and many more....

Mr Lex - Now thats what you call a workaholic Wow .... but its been a ruff year for female MC's what is your take on the lack of main stream quality female MC's?

KANARY DIAMONDS - In a nut shell. Originality, backing, and unity are a few of the downfalls. We aren't "allowed" to be or self and when we are labels are scared to back it. So females fall in the same patterns as the ones before us. Then when one is on the rise the others hate.

Mr Lex - Yea ant that the truth I know about those haters gotta few of my own but more importantly who are your top 5 all time rappers dead or alive?

KANARY DIAMONDS - 2pac, jayz, nas, lauryn hill, and T.I

Mr Lex -Hummm i mite kick a few people out if that was my list but its still pretty solid lol What songs are in your i pod right now?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Well its a melting pot its one song I listen 2 everyday and that's "change go come" by sam cooke. Right now the songs I listen to a lot is amel larrieux "bravebird" album, jayz american ganster, smokie norful, lil wayne the carter 1, some alicia keys, T.I, celine dion, donny hathaway, kirk franklin, stevie wonder and Of course all mine lol.....I'm listening to a lot of old school cause I can't get with a lot of what people are calling music these days.

Mr Lex - I also heard your a video game head what are some of your fav games?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Yes that's a melting pot also I like all sims and grand theft autos, all 007s golden eye on 64 is still my fav game of all time I'm gonna go get the new quantum of solace when I get some free time, mario kart is one of my favs also. I still play sonic and hit man too lol

Mr Lex - lol Can you tell me more about Ksopt and how long have you been doing the show?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Well unfortunately due to my extremely busy schedule the show has been put on hiatus for now.

Mr Lex - OK Ms buzy body lets switch this up if you could be pampered and spoiled for a whole day how would you want to spend that down time and what would you do or have done to you?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Right now I can take a spa treatment, but I love spending time with my family on my down time it relaxes me. It takes me away from the stress of this business if only for awhile.

Mr Lex - I think im just the opposite im spending too much time with fam i need to start a biz and get away I swear if lil ray ray clogs up the toilet again ima go crazy!!! lol What are some of your goals for the new year?

KANARY DIAMONDS - I've never been the type to make new years resolutions I've always said why wait till then why not now? But by new years one of my goals is to have my new video to my song "mirror mirror" driven the Internet nutts and tv also!

Mr Lex -what is the best way to get in contact with you?

KANARY DIAMONDS -, Myspace and youtube are the best ways to get in contact with me ....

Mr Lex - Is there anything else you would like to say ?

KANARY DIAMONDS - Yes thank you guys for having me. Check out my myspace and youtube add me and drop some love. Also check there for updates and be on the look out for my "mirror mirror" video. Congrats to Barack Obama! Thanx again! KISSES!

Booking info:

God Bless....

Thanks again for taking time out to do this interview
--kanary diamonds the super star!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fake Ass Rappers Today

Now I can give respect where respect is due in the rap industry, but I cannot listen to the music of fake people. Does anyone even take the time anymore to pay attention to the people whose music we spend our hard earned money on? I happen to prefer club music, or something I can dance to, but I am open to most anything. I love my down south country boys, and I can respect a rapper with something real to say. I even have respect to the rappers that make millions of dollars rapping about nothing. Some of them don’t even use real words, but they got a good beat, and some catchy hooks. The one thing that I can’t stand is people who are fake, so I want to take a moment to talk about 5 of the fakest rappers out there. Now these guys are just sad.

Rapper #5 Barry Adrian Reese AKA Cassidy
This guy wants to be known as this hardcore gangsta rap artist, yet the 1st track he really put out to the masses was “Hotel” with R Kelly. He said in an interview with WK3 “I feel that the industry right now is a little dried out. We need some real, true lyricists that's true to the game and taking it seriously, that know where hip-hop came from and know where it needs to go and where they're trying to take it. [Hip-hop needs] Cats that's focused more on their lyrics, and coming up with real songs and doing original concepts, and not just trying to follow the same patterns just to get a little check.” As if he doesn’t make songs just to get money. Again lets see what songs he got here. Hotel with R Kelly, I’m a Hustla with Jay Z, Drink N My 2 Step with Neyo. And lets not forget the tracks that he is on that aren’t his like How do I breathe Mario remix, Girlfriend with Bow wow and Omarion. I see it as don’t talk shit about people tryin to get their paper however necessary, when you do the same shit. He's got a lot to say about being commercial, and since he got signed, that’s all he is. And people call this guy the best rapper alive. He said himself he'll always prefer battling for the streets rather than record sales.” Personally, I agree, he should stay on the streets, because he ain’t worth his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, from this next video, I don’t think he is welcome there either…haha

The funniest shit is how scared he was…haha

Rapper #4 Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA Eminem
Now this fool just makes me laugh, because for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the hell people like him. People take him so serious and have had the audacity to call him a great lyricist and a great rapper. I am sorry, but my mind cannot believe that people think a great lyricist raps lines like “two trailer park girls go round the outside,” “I spit when I talk, I'll fuck anything that walks,” and “But when it's all said and done I'll be 40. Before I know it with a 40 on the porch telling stories, with a bottle of jack,Two grandkids in my lap, Babysitting for Hailie while Hailie's out getting smashed.” What is so lyrically great about him. He also talks about being a good father, to his daughter, and how he wants to be a great role model. Meanwhile, have you heard him talk about her mother? The things this idiot says about her blows my mind. I don’t know whether to be more confused about him or Kim. In the midst of all these songs, they keep getting married and breaking up. Personally I think this entire family is screwed up. Poor Hailie doesn’t have the slimmest chance to be any kind of normal. The cherry on top for me is how in his new book he says that rap music is turning to crap. Has this guy ever listened to his own music? Slim shitty sounds better to me.

I don’t even like ICP, but this is the funniest shit I ever heard about eminem…

Rapper #3 Nasir Jones AKA Nas
Now this guy is just mind boggling to me. All he ever talks about are the big important messages in his music, and whatever statement he is currently trying to make. I absolutely loved all the hype that he put into the “controversial name” of his last album. He even went to the Grammy’s where his entire crew had on tee shirts to promote it. Then he goes and releases it untitled. WTF is that about. The reason he gives is that people are scared of it. And this is not something that is recent. He has been contradicting himself for a long ass time. He talks about why there shouldn’t be beefs, and how people should be together and never divided. In an interview with MTV Nas states “I don't have to live off of [beefs] like other artists. I didn't have to make a career off of that. My career is based off a solid foundation. It's not based off of calling out names like a 50 or whatever.” Meanwhile he has talked shit about Jay Z, Nelly, Nore, Cam’ron, Jesse Jackson, Jim Jones, 50 cent, Oprah, Ja rule, Young Jeezy, Tupac, Stevie Wonder, and many more. Another thing that is annoying, is the fact that he can’t make up his mind, he beefs, then they are best friends. Look at Jesse and Oprah, he talks shit, and then in the interview with Angie Mar, he says he loves them and they are his idols. He does the same with Young Jeezy, and JayZ. I mean come on, make up your mind already. This guy goes from one extreme to the other daily. Who has the time to keep up with his bullshit, And quite frankly, he not as great a lyricist as he thinks he is.

The funniest shit I heard was Jay Z was

Rapper #2 Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, aka Lil Wayne.
Honestly, I can’t figure this guy out at all, or why people love him. He’s 5’6, he has the most annoying voice ever, and he’s ugly as can be. He tries to come off so hard but admits that he ain’t never really been in the streets. To top it all off, this guy thinks of himself as a role model. He stated in an interview "I don’t make records or say anything about people. I don’t beef with people. Everybody knows that. ... My words are more important than you. I got kids listening to me. I got grown folk listening to me. I got intelligent people listening to me. I want the words I say to come across [as] important. I want you to relate those words to me, not some guy or some girl.” Then he makes songs like “Always Strapped,” “Fireman,” and the ever so greatly written “pussy, money, weed.” He also stated in an interview with DJ Green Goblin “We don’t play, I will murder you, your family, your child, a newborn, I don’t give a fuck.” And the icing on the cake is that he’s stupid. According to the news he was arrested in 05, 06, 07, and 08, each time for having drugs. You would think that by now he would have figured out how to give it to someone else who’s going in and coming out of the concert. But hey now, he’s a great role model, I really think that’s the kind of guy I’d want my kids to be like…yea right.

Juelz, you’re way better without this fool.I Gotta go wit Jay Z’s lines on this one…

Rapper #1, and probably the worst, has gotta be Curtis James Jackson III AKA 50 cent.
This 230 lb, over 6 foot tall guy wants the whole world to know how hard he is, yet, he got beat by Ja Rule…Yea, as in 5’6 Ja Rule. That means that he is as big as me, well, without shoes on anyway. Then, after he gets beat, he goes out and gets an order of protection against him…yea real hard. Even I’m not that big of a bitch.

Another example is his contradictions in his interview with Spin which you can read here… everyone knows that 50 raps about violence, killing, chics and money. That is all he really talks about, but then admits that he’s a fraud on the interview. He starts off the interview ok, but when it gets serious his answers seem to change. Early on he is asked about the violence he portrays in his lyrics and he responds with “That's what I hear when I think of where I grew up. And it also comes from the experience of me being shot. It's weird -- people associate me with gun violence, when I was the one who got shot. I haven't ever shot anybody.” A little later, he also adds “there's a perception that I'm darker than I am. That's why I enjoy film projects, because they allow me to show emotions that I don't normally show through my music.” Then, they ask about people who make records that are artistic, but don’t sell a lot. He responds with “I've been around rappers, what was the freestyle guy, Supernatural? He was incredible, he could rap about anything, about Mars and cars, whatever, and Craig G was like that. But they didn't have a specific thing that they were basing their music on that people could embrace. My music is based on my actual life. You might be a rapper that could beat me at something, but you can't beat me at being me, and this is what the world's embraced at this point,” So which one is it? Come on now, and people actually give this guy some kind of credit. Meanwhile, the guys in his so called “crew” don’t even respect him. Personally, I think the game should’ve just bitch slapped him in front of the whole world…now I would happily pay my hard earned money to see that. He thinks he’s so tough, haha Puleaze… 50 Cent…get a clue and just keep rappin about the candy shop, cause you ain’t convincing nobodyI gotta go with Jadakiss on this one...

So to sum it up, rappers everywhere, be who you are. Whether your real like Jadakiss, Common, and Kanye, your makin hit after hit like Jay Z, your actin a fool like Ludacris, makin the hottest club jams like Lil’ John, hyping the crowd like T.I., or makin millions of dollars not even using real words like Nelly, just be 100% true to yourself.Please feel free to leave some comments, whether you agree or not. Let’s hear your opinion.
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