Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roy Jones vs Joe Calzaghe


My 2 cents on the fight:

I think it will be a good fight! I really don't like either one but I feel like with their styles it should be entertaining.

I think Roy (52-4, 38 KOs) is old and washed up but is still able to put on a decent performance from time to time. after coming off a dominating victory over a freshly retired Trinidad who moved up a few weight classes just for the fight Roy ego and cocky attitude is at a all time high. He has always been a great counter puncher and has one of the quickest hands in boxing.

Joe Calzaghe (45-0, 32 KOs) may be just as fast as Roy and has excellent condition and will press the fight the whole night. His chin may be suspect and i don't think he can knock Roy out but i didn't think Tarver could either. Wins over Lacey and outworking Bhop Calzaghe has been more active and fought better comp.

My predictions:

I think Roy will win early rounds with effective counter punching and my even put Joe on his ass, But i think Roy wont have the stamina to deal with Joes pace. He will try 2 rest on the ropes and Joe will take advantage and not let Roy get a breather.
Roy will lose by a decision.
And I predict Roy will finally retire after this fight or stop ducking that long awaited rematch Bhop.
then call it quits with a (52-6, 38 KOs) record!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BiWeekly Beauty #15 - Jada Stacks (32-24-42) and her Presidential booty

MR Lex - What name do you go by?
Jada Stacks

MR Lex -What are your measurements?
Jada Stacks - 32-24-42

MR Lex -What are some of your goals?
Jada Stacks -To own a modeling agency, and any kind of acting either on the big screen, TV, or videos.

MR Lex -Where are you from?
Jada Stacks -Cleveland, Ohio

MR Lex -How long have you been modeling?
Jada Stacks-Modeling since age 9, and I competed in Miss Teen USA Pageant in 1996

MR Lex -Are you in a relationship?
Jada Stacks -yes im currently in a relationship

MR Lex -What was the memorable/ erotic night you have ever experience (why was it so good)
Jada Stacks -Most memorable night was when I had a threesome, never thought it would happen but it did

MR Lex -Hold on 1 moment lol i just cant let question be that easy please tell more?????

Jada Stacks -My dude didn't know and I had planned for a female to come up from Detroit. Which she did, she came up go to Cleveland in an hour and half. Came we ate chicken that I had cooked. She called my dude out like you ain't drinking the goose I see. He said I will. So he took a few shots. Of course I had some, I did get loose with the grey goose. Went into the bedroom and that was it, I was into it, he made love to me first while she was kissing me. After that he strapped up and fucked her, while I nibbled on her titties and kissed her. After that she ate me out, while nibbled on me. The next morning I was in the middle of the bed with one of them on each side, asshole naked. It was a good threesome, we were all together for 2 years in a relationship.

MR Lex -Wow im speechless i need to find some grey goose asap lol What is your favorite song right now i need to distract you while i run to the liquor store
Jada Stacks - Sent from Heaven-Keysia Cole

MR Lex -What is the biggest misconception about you?
Jada Stacks -Is that I'm shorter in person

MR Lex -What are some current projects your working on?
Jada Stacks -
1)Blade Magazine for Barbers

2)Go Fantasy Magazine

3)Exquisite Thickness

4)Melodream Magazine

5)Rmoi Adult Magazine

6)Boss Magazine

7)Urban Vision Magazine

8)Urban Curves

9)Charmstar Creative Models

10)Intro Magazine

and clothing line

MR Lex -Where can people see more of you?
Jada Stacks just check me out my myspace

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

MR Lex -Thanks again for your time and please K.I.T and keep us updated on everything your doing Im sure we will see you everywhere soon!

And yes Jada's Presidential booty is Obama approved If you don't believe me just go ask him yourself!!! lol

NEW - Jay-Z - History (Radio Rip)


The 1st black presedent - Barack Obama


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fab 5 Entertainment ~ AM Pittsburgh ~ Faded Industry Present: The Hollywood Halloween Mansion Party Part II The Thriller Edition

1st off
I would like to give a special thanks to Ms Dawn Lilly, President/CEO - AM Pittsburgh for the invite to the Halloween Mansion Party@ Privilege
I had a great time!!!!!
I enjoyed the Models and and the dancers they did a great reenactment of Thriller

Make sure you check out these sites for more pics from the party
you can thank me later !!!!!!

And girl (sorry i dont know your name) with the blue cane and hat was KILL'N THE DANCE FLOOR ALL NIGHT!!!!!!
Yea i saw you

This guy right here looks so cool
I need to get his autograph or sumptin
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