Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emanuel Augustus- highlights

Floyd Mayweather & James Toney: Props for Emanuel Augustus

Teairra Mari and Rihanna - Got Beef?????

Teairra Mari officially launched her comeback journey with a new sexy spread in this month’s KING magazine. The former Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam singer shows off her ass-ets in KING, while revealing her feelings about ex-boss Jay-Z and past label mate Rihanna.

On Jay:

“I was calling Jay my father. I love you like my father because my father is not in my life. Jay didn’t even call and tell me [I was dropped]. I was hurt.”

She also talks about Lil' Wayne.

“He’s a good friend; we’ve hung out a couple of times. I was attracted to him for a second, but then it grew into a nice friendship. He’s a charmer, like an old-school kind of guy.”

And then the subject turned to Rihanna!!!!.

Teairra took offense to some comments Rihanna made to Atlanta’s Peach magazine regarding her dismissal from the Roc. Rihanna said, “You have to be good to people. I could very easily say its all karma…”

“They asked her how she felt playing second fiddle to me, which I never felt [she was]. She had the number-one song in the country on Hot 100; I didn’t, so she couldn’t be playing second fiddle to me. When I heard that I was upset, like, ‘Why would she ever go there? Keep my name out your mouth, sweetie.”


(New) Trina - "good pussy"

Listen here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice


I love watching Kimbo fight but he is more hype than talent. He will always have a punchers chance but thats it he really has no mat skills or submission defense! He is the new Tank abbot! Ken Shamrock is a "BUM" he is nothing but a "Name" that will always live in his lil brothers shadow. He couldnt beat Tito Ortiz and had like 2 or 3 chances.
I use to think Brock vs Kimbo would be a good fight but after seeing what Brock did to Heath Herring i think he will be a real threat and beat either one of these dudes!!!

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya

Watch the fight here

A Middleweight vs a Featherweight

Oscar is soooo desperate to try to leave this game with a win!
He already hit Manny with he 70-30 and thats the same as sayn i have no respect for you at all. I haven't anything so disrespectful since Roy hit B- hop with the 60-40 but at least Roy could say he already beat B-hop lol.
I will get more into this over the weekend.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


swagga like us - Ti - Kanye - LIL wayne - Jay Z

Listen here

They sampled M.I.A.- Paper Planes

Superhead (Karrine Steffans) Retired!!!!

But from what??????
Putting stars biz out there????
Earning her nickname????
writing books??????
what does she do?????
what is she a O.G of?????

Maybe her Bi -Polar meds just ran out
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