Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mosley vs Mayorga (recap)

This was a sloppy sorry ass fight
Shane had problems trying to figure Mayorga out until the later rounds
when mayorga decided he wanted to eat punches like a fat kid in a buffet line at thanksgiving I knew it was over
and he got knocked out with a second or 2 left in the 12th
but it was a nice punch that put him on his azz!

Andre Berto looked great fighting steve forbes
he had some trouble early but recoverd and dominated the rest of the fight
Watch out for Berto hes going to be a beast in this division
but i dont thinks hes ready 4 the Cottos and Margarito's just yet!

Can Illaim keep his winning ways???????

Can Illaim keep his winning ways???????
see his football picks and make your own!

Who looks better - Lauren London vs Megan Good

I was visiting My boy Mike Turners -
and he just now realized how good the wire was and how sexy Lauren London is !!!!
hes always late as hell
but i had a poll a while back on ASR that ima bring back
who is sexier
Lauren London vs Megan Good
(voting poll is on the right side of the page)

Friday, September 26, 2008

BiWeekly Beauty # 12 - Madeline - (34-25-41)

Mr Lexxx - What name do you go by?
Madeline - People usually call me Madeline or Maddy

Mr Lexxx - Im loving your body paint pics i know i shoulda took body painting class in college lol What are your measurements?
Madeline - 34-25-41

Mr Lexxx - Curves galore ! What is your nationality?
Madeline - Hispanic /Puerto Rican

Mr Lexxx - Where did you grow up?
Madeline - I grew up in Rochester,NY

Mr Lexxx - New York is in the house!!! lol How was your childhood?
Madeline - My Childhood was fun, I grew up in the hood with a lot of family around, so there was always plenty of drama.

Mr Lexxx - A NY girl fresh out the hood! Lexxx quickly checks his back pocket to see if his wallet is still there! (im joking) Are you currently in a relationship?
Madeline - No relationship, right now

Mr Lexxx - What turns you on? Describe whats the sexiest part about a man or woman to you?
Madeline - I like to look at nice round butts on a male or female(no homo). Its just one of those things I cant help.

Mr Lexxx - Call me whenever you when ever you need a butt watching partner its my favorite pastime (girls only) Would you ever give your your lover a private strip show?
Madeline - Yes

Mr Lexxx - What song would you dance to and what would you wear?
Madeline - I would start off with some reggae to show off my booty clappin skills (LOL) and then maybe take it to some Jodeci. Dont know the exact songs.

Mr Lexxx starts clappn with the booty oh im sorry i lost focus. Where can people see more of you?
Madeline - I am a model on, and I have a article coming out in the September issue of the Rochester Insider. You can also get in contact with me through my Myspace

Mr Lexxx - What are some current projects your working on?
Madeline - I am currently in the studio recording hip-hop music, I am also just getting started modeling, and doing a lot of photoshoots.

Mr Lexxx - What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Madeline - I check Myspace often and that would be the easiest way to get at me.

Madeline - Thanks a bunch for the interview,
Mr Lexxx - Thank you and K.I.T. keep us posted on whatever projects your working on. I think ima watch your booty clapping video a few more times!!!!!!!

And be on the look out :
Madeline has a website in construction where you join and get paid off of your profile. (COMING SOON)
so hit up her myspace and ask her more about it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kesan Sucker Punches E6 !

this was backstage prior to the taping of the Reunion Special

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 DC Swimsuit Contest Winner - Shennekia

Dear Diary (9-22-08): The Usual Suspects - Driving while Black in America

This is my newest Sextion on the blog!
I will post a online diary for my Redlight Sextion fam !
Feel free to comment, talk sh*t, give advice, hate, or say what you would or wouldn't have did etc....

After a great night at the the 5th annual Blackmen Magazine DC Swimsuit Competition!!!! (thanks Mr. Taylor)
I started my long ride home from DC back to Pittsburgh.
I'm on route 70 driving with the flow of traffic 3 cars in front of me 2 on the side. When I pass a cop car in the cut. As soon as i seen him pull out I know it would be some bull sh*t so i look at my speed I'm doing 70 in a 65 but I'm with everyone else so I think I'm kool (yea right)
So just like Kayne west i looked in my rear view and saw those flashing lights!
I pulled over and saw officer bad azz come to the passenger side window with his hand on his gun telln me i was speeding doing 70 in a 65!
and the Convo went like this!

Mr. officer - do you know why i pulled you over? you were speeding going 70 in a 65
Lexxx - Im sorry i was just going with the flow of traffic

Mr officer - yea but you were still speeding
Lexxx - (biting his tongue) ok i understand!

Mr officer - where were you heading to?
Lexxx - Pittsburgh

Mr officer - where were you coming from and how long were you out there!
Lexxx - Dc , for a day

Mr officer - Oh..... ok do you have any drugs or guns in the car? are you transporting drugs???
Lexxx - huh?? uh no i was coming from a event i was trying to film and network for my website.

Mr officer - Right... are you sure your not lyn and have drugs in here do you have any warrants???
Lexxx - (sigh) nah i have my biz cards right here (gave him one)

Mr officer - Let me see you licence and registration. Your hands are shaking do you have something to be nervous about????
Lexxx - no! look if you want you can do any kinda check or search or whatever i don't have anything to hide!

Mr. officer - do police make you nervous!
Lexxx - yes!

Mr officer - is this car stolen? did you steal this car?
Lexxx - nah man its mine if you need to do your check and see

Mr officer - (goes back to his police car with my licence and biz card)

He came back and gave me my stuff back No ticket or nothing!
Im riding home solo and the whole time im thinking he is going to try 2 plant some shit on me or sumptin I didn't see any back up and he kept trying to imply i was doing something criminal.

Since when is going 5 miles over the speed limit make you a gun runner / drug trafficker ????

Notorious (B.I.G.) 2009 Trailer

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