Friday, August 22, 2008

Bi -Weekly Beauty #9 - Ahoilani

1) What name do you go by?
Ahoilani - Ahoilani or Heaven or Hell... you choose... lol

2)what are your measurements?
Ahoilani - 36-25-39

3) What are your goals?
Ahoilani - Well one of my goals I have already accomplished, Mochalani Entertainment owned by Queen Mocha & Myself... 4 years running and doing quite well. I also would like to establish a fund & center for children who have been victims to any type of neglect or abuse... I have been in the process with a few of my associates in creating one here in Colorado.. There are many organizations that help the children but we really need one that focuses on children whom are abused, mistreated, alone... etc....

3)Where can people see more of you?
Ahoilani - Well i am only by request through our company. Easiest way to access to us is by booking... And always if you are in Denver, Colorado...
4)What do you do for a living and how long have you done this?
Ahoilani - I am part owner of Mochalani Entertainment., club promoter, & exotic entertainer... As well as a Fashions coordinator and Editor of leisures for Jair/Jasiel Inc.(intimate clothing line for women)

5)What is the sexiest thing about your job?
Ahoilani - (laughing) The fantasy given to each one of my customers in the field of entertaining to their delights. Sexy ... Oh and the 36 ladies that work up under us ...

(Lexxx - Well I have alot of fantasies so we may need to talk about some kind of discounts or 2 for 1 specials , food stamps something !!!!!! lol )

6)Are you currently in a relationship?
Ahoilani - I am not in any serious relationships at the time...

7)Describe how would you turn your lover on to get them in a sexual mood?
Ahoilani - The unexpectable surprises of arousement during the most unthoughtabout moments... I love catching them when they aren't thinking about being sexual... touching, rubbing, and giving them their pleasure right when he/she might be taking out the trash, or stepping in to the shower... Can you say mood sexual... Im hot thinking about it (laughing)

(Lexxx - me 2 or maybe thats the broken A/C either way its gettn hot in here ...whew)

8)What is the most sensitive part of your body?
Ahoilani - The most sensitive part on me is behind my ears...and the sides of my waist...

9)Describe your most passionate/naughty/freakiest night of lovemaking and why was it so special?
Ahoilani - I did a show for a fraternity alumni... At the time i was married to my first husband and he never would show up to any of my events.
Well as soon as i finished my show i went to wipe down and change.. In my room there he was waiting and ready before i could even open the door we were all over each other like honey... I dont think we missed any of the furniture in the room and I know the water over flooded in the sink...hahahaaha... Etc. For the rest of this story.... my secrets to what else happened... but it was special because he took a moment to appreciate me in a position he has never really felt comfortable in me doing...

(lexxxx - hummmm i may need to hear the rest of this one!!!!!)

10) What is your current favorite song?
Ahoilani - Hmmmmmmmm.... I would have to say "you" by Raheem Devaughn

11) What is the biggest misconception about you?
Ahoilani - The biggest misconception about me I hear a lot is, " You don't have kid's!!! And 6 at that!" (laughing) I do and love each one of my blessings... They make me push harder to obtain.

12)What are some current projects your working on?
Ahoilani - Right now we are in the process of bring Denver ladies another male revue and the fellas a another Mansion blowout...
13) What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Ahoilani -

And again thank you so much for allowing me to give you this interview!!!!!!!
You are a friend of the blog!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Faith Evan’s Book " Keeping the Faith" that discusses Tupac, Biggie, etc.

My only Question is why now?????
This happen like 13 or more years ago?


"You know, I love New York," [Tupac] said. "But I'm not f*cking with New York right now."

The air in the room seemed to get really thick all of a sudden. His demeanor had changed so quickly that I was truly afraid.

"Really?" I asked. "Why is that!"

"'Cause n*ggas set me up that night. You know that right!"

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. He was staring at me like he thought I was the one who set him up.

"You don't really believe that bullsh*I," I said.

"I'm telling you ... n*ggas set me up," he said in a low voice.

"Look, Pac. I just need to get my check and then I have to go ..."

"The situation with the money is like this," he said. "If I give it to you, then you my b*tch."

I got up and moved father away from where he was standing.

"I'm not anybody's b*tch," I said, trying to keep my voice even and steady.

"You Biggie's bitch."

I thought about how people always got sh*t wrong. He was probably thinking about the song "Me & My B*tch." And I wasn't with Big when he made that record.

"I'm his wife."

"I though y'all broke up?" he asked

"We still married."


"Look," I said. "You hired me to do a song, I did it. I want my money and that's it."

"Oh word, it's like that? You just want your money?"

"You told me it wouldn't be a problem," I said. "The only reason I came up here is because you said ..."

"So you not trying to suck my d*ck?"

"What!" I screamed. "What are you talking about!"

Tupac raised his voice. "You know you want to suck my d*ck, b*tch! Don't f*cking lie." I burst into tears and grabbed my phone. "I have to get out of here."

Tupac kept going. He was making no sense, cursing and yelling. He said something about Big and the East Coast.

"But ... but ... I thought y'all was friends," I said. At this point, I could barely speak clearly because I was crying so hard.

"Whatever. You know you wanna be my b*tch," he said, before going into the bedroom area and slamming the door.

As soon as I got my things together to leave, Tupac came back to the common area.

"Where the f*ck are you going!" he asked.

"I don't know what you thought," I said. "I really don't. But it's not like that."

Tupac nodded slowly, staring at me intently. He wasn't ranting or screaming anymore. But he had this very sinister smile on his face. I kept looking around the room because I felt like something was about to happen to me. I wasn't sure if these guys were coming back or what. But something was wrong.

"It's not like that?" he kept saying over and over again and nodding. "Well ai-ight then, f*cking b*tch. You want to leave! Tell the driver to take you home. The limo is still out there. Get the f*ck out.."


(New) Cassidy - In One Ear And Out The Other

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

(new music) Scarface - High Powered

Listen here:

Spotlight on - Ciji Michelle [Model - Writer - CEO]

1) What name do you go by?
Ciji Michelle - I go by my real name, Ciji Michelle. Ciji is my first name, Michelle is my middle.

2) What are some of your Titles? ( you seem to be a woman that can do a lot).
Ciji Michelle - I am a writer, model, web developer, and now a CEO of my very own magazine set to launch in late 08 early 09.

3) What are your goals?
Ciji Michelle - I want to eventually have my own shoe line. I have a lot to learn, but I've always had a self taught business sense. People are always so shocked to find out how dedicated I am to my behind the scenes business ventures.

4) What are some of your accomplishments?
Ciji Michelle - Yes, I've done a lot of print and online urban mags such as Enfluenz, DB Magazine, Floss, BET. com, Ballerstatus, Web Watch Honey. No mainstream magazines yet. But I did just book my first mainstream video. Won't release it until it airs and I can prove that I'm in You know how that goes when your just another face in the crowd.

5) Where can people see more of you?
Ciji Michelle - they can check out my myspace page. www. myspace. com/cijicarr. Or they can just Google me. Anything you want to find out on me I'm sure its on the net somewhere.

6) How did you start modeling?
Ciji Michelle - I currently write for 4 magazines. When I started modeling I was writing for one, I also was a photo shoot coordinator meaning I would help book models and so on. I booked a chocolate model and she no- called no showed. they needed at replacement, so they asked me. At first I was reluctant, but the minute I did it I was immediately drawn to it. I have a lot of fun with this.

7) Have you worked with any celebrities?
Ciji Michelle - Yes, a lot. Most of work with celebrities is behind the scenes as a journalist.
Few of them know I model; for the most part I never bring it up first. For now anyone can check out my interviews with, Lil Wayne, Baby, Lloyd, A new one coming with Plies etc.. on my Myspace. When I release my Mag its gonna be crazy.

8) Whats the average working day for you consist of?
Ciji Michelle - I go to the office and work on whatever projects or websites I'm currently working on. I go home and work on my magazine and finish articles that I've written or edited for the current Mags that I freelance for.

9) What are some perks of doing what you do?
Ciji Michelle - I really have fun doing both behind the scenes and in front of the camera work. As a writer, you get invites to events, that can be a lot of fun, You meet really good people and connects. The respect that I get as a writer as opposed to a model is so obvious. Even though I'm the same person, I still notice the difference in the treatment. As a model the best part is the pampering. Having people make you up to look like a doll. And then to see the pictures afterwards is exciting. I know when I see myself in Magazines or on the TV I am always shy about it, doesn't fail.

10) How long have you been a writer?
Ciji Michelle - For all my life, I communicate better through writing. I've been writing for magazines for 4 years. I come from a family of excellent writers. I'm still no where near my sisters levels.

11) What do you write about?
Ciji Michelle - most of my articles are based on interviews, that's usually what gets featured.
I am now one of the writers for Enfluenz Magazine's Sexyology column. The column basically focuses on any and everything that exemplifies what sexy is.

(Lexxx - my type of girl! lol)

12) Who are some of your favorite authors and books?
Ciji Michelle - Teri Woods true to the game is my favorite book ever. I like Shannon B. Holmes, Zane and W.E.B. Duboise

13) What is the biggest misconception about you?
Ciji Michelle - That I am mean or rude. People who see me before speaking to me seem to always get the impression that I am going to be an asshole or something. If wish I could show how many times a day or week I hear: "You are so friendly, not at all how I thought you would be." I am naturally down to earth, because thats how I was raised to be. People reach out to me and show me love on a regular basis, who am I to ignore that. I had a talk with a model one time that was complaining about all of the hits and messages she gets... She said she was too busy to read or respond.. I let her know, I know you get overwhelmed sometimes but it only takes a second to say thank you. I know you can't reach back out to everyone, but how come your reaching out to NO ONE.

14) Are you in a relationship?
Ciji Michelle - Every time I'm asked this question the answer is different... lol. I went through the whole revolving door thing for a while with someone very special. It didn't work so now, YES! I am very single

( Lexxx - well you know im also single soooooo lets be single together! lol )

15) What are some current projects your working on?
Ciji Michelle - Like I said my magazine, I shot my first movie role for a movie thats set to release this year, that I am very excited about
called Ex$pendable. And until the full launch of my mag I am still freelancing and getting my work both writing and pictures published. Life is good.

( Lexxx - dont forget about us small people)

16) What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Ciji Michelle - on my Myspace page. www. myspace. com/cijicarr.
I read and respond to all messages. Might take some time but I do try and get back to everyone as soon as I can.

Is there anything else you would like to say or promote?
Ciji Michelle - Yes I am looking for writers. If you are interested in being apart of our team please email me at

Thanks again for your time!
Your An official friend of the blog
Ciji Michelle - Oh no problem... Thank you :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

(New) Swizz Beatz - That Oprah

That Oprah - Swizz Beatz

Matt Hughes Comments on Georges St. Pierre vs Jon Fitch

Matt is such a AZZ
he just wont give GSP any credit!
he said he got up and left during the 3rd round of the fight!
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