Friday, September 26, 2008

BiWeekly Beauty # 12 - Madeline - (34-25-41)

Mr Lexxx - What name do you go by?
Madeline - People usually call me Madeline or Maddy

Mr Lexxx - Im loving your body paint pics i know i shoulda took body painting class in college lol What are your measurements?
Madeline - 34-25-41

Mr Lexxx - Curves galore ! What is your nationality?
Madeline - Hispanic /Puerto Rican

Mr Lexxx - Where did you grow up?
Madeline - I grew up in Rochester,NY

Mr Lexxx - New York is in the house!!! lol How was your childhood?
Madeline - My Childhood was fun, I grew up in the hood with a lot of family around, so there was always plenty of drama.

Mr Lexxx - A NY girl fresh out the hood! Lexxx quickly checks his back pocket to see if his wallet is still there! (im joking) Are you currently in a relationship?
Madeline - No relationship, right now

Mr Lexxx - What turns you on? Describe whats the sexiest part about a man or woman to you?
Madeline - I like to look at nice round butts on a male or female(no homo). Its just one of those things I cant help.

Mr Lexxx - Call me whenever you when ever you need a butt watching partner its my favorite pastime (girls only) Would you ever give your your lover a private strip show?
Madeline - Yes

Mr Lexxx - What song would you dance to and what would you wear?
Madeline - I would start off with some reggae to show off my booty clappin skills (LOL) and then maybe take it to some Jodeci. Dont know the exact songs.

Mr Lexxx starts clappn with the booty oh im sorry i lost focus. Where can people see more of you?
Madeline - I am a model on, and I have a article coming out in the September issue of the Rochester Insider. You can also get in contact with me through my Myspace

Mr Lexxx - What are some current projects your working on?
Madeline - I am currently in the studio recording hip-hop music, I am also just getting started modeling, and doing a lot of photoshoots.

Mr Lexxx - What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Madeline - I check Myspace often and that would be the easiest way to get at me.

Madeline - Thanks a bunch for the interview,
Mr Lexxx - Thank you and K.I.T. keep us posted on whatever projects your working on. I think ima watch your booty clapping video a few more times!!!!!!!

And be on the look out :
Madeline has a website in construction where you join and get paid off of your profile. (COMING SOON)
so hit up her myspace and ask her more about it!


Anonymous said...

wow she's thick lol

chrome said...

that body paint is hella sexy!

red said...

She seem fake!

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