Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mosley vs Mayorga (recap)

This was a sloppy sorry ass fight
Shane had problems trying to figure Mayorga out until the later rounds
when mayorga decided he wanted to eat punches like a fat kid in a buffet line at thanksgiving I knew it was over
and he got knocked out with a second or 2 left in the 12th
but it was a nice punch that put him on his azz!

Andre Berto looked great fighting steve forbes
he had some trouble early but recoverd and dominated the rest of the fight
Watch out for Berto hes going to be a beast in this division
but i dont thinks hes ready 4 the Cottos and Margarito's just yet!


Mr. Lexxx said...

Its the 1st round:
and i thing berto will ko Forbes
he looks 2 stong

Mr. Lexxx said...

maybe i spoke 2 soon


The headline was SLOPPY indeed. BUT.....Mayorga seems to have come a long way in terms of ENDURANCE...he seemed quite active in the later rounds..not losing wind....and for walking in at 170 lbs....not bad....and ive always been a fan of his chopping punches....great stuff....but total brain fart at the end...he just got too comfortable.

Mr. Lexxx said...

yea and mosley didn't know what to do with mayorga the 1st half of the fight and you could see that he was a lot stronger than Shane too
but mayorga is nothing but a side show!
hes fun to watch but i cant take him seriously

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