Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fake Ass Rappers Today

Now I can give respect where respect is due in the rap industry, but I cannot listen to the music of fake people. Does anyone even take the time anymore to pay attention to the people whose music we spend our hard earned money on? I happen to prefer club music, or something I can dance to, but I am open to most anything. I love my down south country boys, and I can respect a rapper with something real to say. I even have respect to the rappers that make millions of dollars rapping about nothing. Some of them don’t even use real words, but they got a good beat, and some catchy hooks. The one thing that I can’t stand is people who are fake, so I want to take a moment to talk about 5 of the fakest rappers out there. Now these guys are just sad.

Rapper #5 Barry Adrian Reese AKA Cassidy
This guy wants to be known as this hardcore gangsta rap artist, yet the 1st track he really put out to the masses was “Hotel” with R Kelly. He said in an interview with WK3 “I feel that the industry right now is a little dried out. We need some real, true lyricists that's true to the game and taking it seriously, that know where hip-hop came from and know where it needs to go and where they're trying to take it. [Hip-hop needs] Cats that's focused more on their lyrics, and coming up with real songs and doing original concepts, and not just trying to follow the same patterns just to get a little check.” As if he doesn’t make songs just to get money. Again lets see what songs he got here. Hotel with R Kelly, I’m a Hustla with Jay Z, Drink N My 2 Step with Neyo. And lets not forget the tracks that he is on that aren’t his like How do I breathe Mario remix, Girlfriend with Bow wow and Omarion. I see it as don’t talk shit about people tryin to get their paper however necessary, when you do the same shit. He's got a lot to say about being commercial, and since he got signed, that’s all he is. And people call this guy the best rapper alive. He said himself he'll always prefer battling for the streets rather than record sales.” Personally, I agree, he should stay on the streets, because he ain’t worth his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, from this next video, I don’t think he is welcome there either…haha

The funniest shit is how scared he was…haha

Rapper #4 Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA Eminem
Now this fool just makes me laugh, because for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the hell people like him. People take him so serious and have had the audacity to call him a great lyricist and a great rapper. I am sorry, but my mind cannot believe that people think a great lyricist raps lines like “two trailer park girls go round the outside,” “I spit when I talk, I'll fuck anything that walks,” and “But when it's all said and done I'll be 40. Before I know it with a 40 on the porch telling stories, with a bottle of jack,Two grandkids in my lap, Babysitting for Hailie while Hailie's out getting smashed.” What is so lyrically great about him. He also talks about being a good father, to his daughter, and how he wants to be a great role model. Meanwhile, have you heard him talk about her mother? The things this idiot says about her blows my mind. I don’t know whether to be more confused about him or Kim. In the midst of all these songs, they keep getting married and breaking up. Personally I think this entire family is screwed up. Poor Hailie doesn’t have the slimmest chance to be any kind of normal. The cherry on top for me is how in his new book he says that rap music is turning to crap. Has this guy ever listened to his own music? Slim shitty sounds better to me.

I don’t even like ICP, but this is the funniest shit I ever heard about eminem…

Rapper #3 Nasir Jones AKA Nas
Now this guy is just mind boggling to me. All he ever talks about are the big important messages in his music, and whatever statement he is currently trying to make. I absolutely loved all the hype that he put into the “controversial name” of his last album. He even went to the Grammy’s where his entire crew had on tee shirts to promote it. Then he goes and releases it untitled. WTF is that about. The reason he gives is that people are scared of it. And this is not something that is recent. He has been contradicting himself for a long ass time. He talks about why there shouldn’t be beefs, and how people should be together and never divided. In an interview with MTV Nas states “I don't have to live off of [beefs] like other artists. I didn't have to make a career off of that. My career is based off a solid foundation. It's not based off of calling out names like a 50 or whatever.” Meanwhile he has talked shit about Jay Z, Nelly, Nore, Cam’ron, Jesse Jackson, Jim Jones, 50 cent, Oprah, Ja rule, Young Jeezy, Tupac, Stevie Wonder, and many more. Another thing that is annoying, is the fact that he can’t make up his mind, he beefs, then they are best friends. Look at Jesse and Oprah, he talks shit, and then in the interview with Angie Mar, he says he loves them and they are his idols. He does the same with Young Jeezy, and JayZ. I mean come on, make up your mind already. This guy goes from one extreme to the other daily. Who has the time to keep up with his bullshit, And quite frankly, he not as great a lyricist as he thinks he is.

The funniest shit I heard was Jay Z was

Rapper #2 Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, aka Lil Wayne.
Honestly, I can’t figure this guy out at all, or why people love him. He’s 5’6, he has the most annoying voice ever, and he’s ugly as can be. He tries to come off so hard but admits that he ain’t never really been in the streets. To top it all off, this guy thinks of himself as a role model. He stated in an interview "I don’t make records or say anything about people. I don’t beef with people. Everybody knows that. ... My words are more important than you. I got kids listening to me. I got grown folk listening to me. I got intelligent people listening to me. I want the words I say to come across [as] important. I want you to relate those words to me, not some guy or some girl.” Then he makes songs like “Always Strapped,” “Fireman,” and the ever so greatly written “pussy, money, weed.” He also stated in an interview with DJ Green Goblin “We don’t play, I will murder you, your family, your child, a newborn, I don’t give a fuck.” And the icing on the cake is that he’s stupid. According to the news he was arrested in 05, 06, 07, and 08, each time for having drugs. You would think that by now he would have figured out how to give it to someone else who’s going in and coming out of the concert. But hey now, he’s a great role model, I really think that’s the kind of guy I’d want my kids to be like…yea right.

Juelz, you’re way better without this fool.I Gotta go wit Jay Z’s lines on this one…

Rapper #1, and probably the worst, has gotta be Curtis James Jackson III AKA 50 cent.
This 230 lb, over 6 foot tall guy wants the whole world to know how hard he is, yet, he got beat by Ja Rule…Yea, as in 5’6 Ja Rule. That means that he is as big as me, well, without shoes on anyway. Then, after he gets beat, he goes out and gets an order of protection against him…yea real hard. Even I’m not that big of a bitch.

Another example is his contradictions in his interview with Spin which you can read here… everyone knows that 50 raps about violence, killing, chics and money. That is all he really talks about, but then admits that he’s a fraud on the interview. He starts off the interview ok, but when it gets serious his answers seem to change. Early on he is asked about the violence he portrays in his lyrics and he responds with “That's what I hear when I think of where I grew up. And it also comes from the experience of me being shot. It's weird -- people associate me with gun violence, when I was the one who got shot. I haven't ever shot anybody.” A little later, he also adds “there's a perception that I'm darker than I am. That's why I enjoy film projects, because they allow me to show emotions that I don't normally show through my music.” Then, they ask about people who make records that are artistic, but don’t sell a lot. He responds with “I've been around rappers, what was the freestyle guy, Supernatural? He was incredible, he could rap about anything, about Mars and cars, whatever, and Craig G was like that. But they didn't have a specific thing that they were basing their music on that people could embrace. My music is based on my actual life. You might be a rapper that could beat me at something, but you can't beat me at being me, and this is what the world's embraced at this point,” So which one is it? Come on now, and people actually give this guy some kind of credit. Meanwhile, the guys in his so called “crew” don’t even respect him. Personally, I think the game should’ve just bitch slapped him in front of the whole world…now I would happily pay my hard earned money to see that. He thinks he’s so tough, haha Puleaze… 50 Cent…get a clue and just keep rappin about the candy shop, cause you ain’t convincing nobodyI gotta go with Jadakiss on this one...

So to sum it up, rappers everywhere, be who you are. Whether your real like Jadakiss, Common, and Kanye, your makin hit after hit like Jay Z, your actin a fool like Ludacris, makin the hottest club jams like Lil’ John, hyping the crowd like T.I., or makin millions of dollars not even using real words like Nelly, just be 100% true to yourself.Please feel free to leave some comments, whether you agree or not. Let’s hear your opinion.


Anonymous said...

I can't co sign the Eminem statement. He might rap about off the wall shit sometimes but dude can rap circles around most people.

Seriously though, I can't believe you made this list without including Game. His whole story,image,tattoos etc is made up. Game is Mr. Potato head

Jim Jones needs to be on the list to.

At the end of the day though I take it for what it is, Entertainment. To think any of this is real is dumb.

Ms. Blond-D said...

I get what your saying. Game was actually someone that I thought of adding. I decided against it, because no one really believes anything about Game. I have never heard anyone say that he is a great anything. Same with Jim Jones, and several other people. I just chose 5 rappers that I hear people argue about alot.

Mr. Lex said...

I 2nd that on Em
hes nice!
when hes not actn silly he can murder almost anyone lyricaly


Aight. I like the concept of the post but I only agree with 2 of the 3 cats you're not feelin. And that's not good, for you.

Cassidy is, was and always will be a bitch. All 5'5 of his ass.

On a side note, I'd like to let the world know that I think Gille Da Kid is THE SHIT. This skinny ass muthafucka is HILARIOUS. With his bootleg dis videos and shit. He really laid it down on my boy Wayne on some of those same videos. And I like his music. Even his dis tracks on Wayne are on point, And like I said...I like Wayne.

The other cat I agree with is that bitch ass Curtis Jackson. Singing and shit, oiling up his body so he can shoot a god damn calendar to sell. Gangsta my ass. See, if you wanna tell stories about how you WERE gangsta, I'm alright with that. But if you wanna front like you STILL doing half the shit you rap about, then you're phony. I really dislike this guy and could go on for paragraphs about it so I'ma just end it here. But seriously, he needs to start adding the suffix "ed" to all his gangsta ass raps since they was all in the past.


Nas, Wayne and Em.
Girl you are CRAZY and I'm thinkin you might have just written in those names to start controversy. Seriously.

Wayne is my boy, been bumping his shit since '98. Watched his flow develop and finally cashed in on being such a loyal fan when The Carter II dropped. That album STILL gets heavy rotation in my ride. I've really learned to block out any hater remarks and realized that they have no clue what they're talking about. Does Wayne pimp himself out to like 10 features a month? Yes. Is that wack? Yes. Does that make HIM wack. Na

Nas. This is where I realized you must be delusional. Nas is Top 10 Lyricists of all time, easy. His delivery is undeniable. You mention his "beefs". His beefs aren't really any of our business to begin with girl. So we should stick to what WE know. And even if you take away his beefs, his career is STILL legendary. If the guy changes his mind on some shit, then call him INDECISIVE, not FAKE.

Eminem. Lol. This guy fell off years ago. BUT, he is still a great rapper. Dood can spit some crazy ass shit and lyrically is light years ahead most people. Is he wack? Yeah, for the last few years. Is he fake? Na....just a really disturbed guy. Lyrics are like poetry and it is impossible for one person's poetry to please EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Not gonna happen. So if his lyrics upset you or don't meet your standards of taste, well then just move on. No need to call the dood fake.

Ms. Blond-D said...

Ok, I feel your opinion too, and I see where you're coming from. I will give you, that all of these guys are good rappers. In fact, all 5 of them are good rappers, because they make millions rapping. But none of them are the best. I think that these guys are fake for 1 reason and one reason only...Who they say they are, and who they actually are, does not match up.

Lil Wayne is not a role model, and he ain't gangsta, period. The only reason anyone ever heard of him, is because he had some friends in the business.

Nas is not out changin the world no matter how hard he tries. Yea he's lyrical, and yea he's a damn good rapper, but he is no where near the best.

And Eminem is way more than disturbed. Again, I didn't say he wasn't a good rapper, I said he isn't a good role model, and he's not that great of a lyricist. What he needs is to grow up and get it together. I'll admit that if he straightened up, he could really be something, but as it is, he ain't shit and that's why he fell of so fast.


There's a fine line between rhyming and "entertaining". Some artists like 50 take that shit WAAAYYYYY past that line to the point of ridiculousness. You gotta cut some artists a break. You can't cling to EVERY phrase, hook or chorus and HOLD that artist to it. For the MOST part, Wayne rhymes about money (and he's got it). For the most Nas rhymes about social issues (and he's active) and Em rhymes about CRAZY FUCKIN SHIT (and his life is in shambles). So D. go pick on Nelly, 50, Game, T.I. and all them bubble gum rappers.

Dame is ILLAIM said...

I’ve been waiting since I saw this last week to have the time to responnd to this fam

What is real and what is fake?

What is the litmus test?

I’ll be the first one to admit that I HATED hotel, and by default Cassidy as a artist for a very long time because of the stigma that that his first single caused, but to hold that against him complety as a artist is unfair.

Should we call the R.Z.A fake because his first single was “We Love You Rakim”?

Or How about Joe Budden…

Yea I said it Joe Budden…..

While he might just be the best, most in-depth artist out today, dude has made countless crossover/club attempts, many of them just plain horrible..

While Hotel was a dispicible song with horrid lines like

“I’m even cuter then you are”

“I’m A Hustler” was just a good song that became a hit, not a sappy attempt at pop success .

Also, Drink in My Two Step, while a attemnt at mainstream sucsees, wasn’t a fake sell out move more then a show of versititly and logical working within the parimeters of the music business.

Critizing him for that would be like critizing Face for the lead single to his album that came out last year.

Gille….your using Gille to validate ya point…. The Word Class hater no success Gille?

He aint even say nothing disresptful about Gille but told the truth

When you really start to pop off watch how many people will get in front of a camera and talk shit about you, devoid of reality or any shred of credibility

Depending on what you go by almost every mc in the game Is fake..

At least Cassidy can really spit.


Em is SUPER overated.

But his body of work from 97-01 is fucking unbelievable

Given the his transformation from picked on kid to pseudo gangster tho, I’d haft to say he has a strain of fake in him


“He even went to the Grammy’s where his entire crew had on tee shirts to promote it. Then he goes and releases it untitled. WTF is that about.”

You know what that was about….

Now before I start…yes Nas might just be the biggest hypocrite in the game lol, but

Sans Jesse Jackson he really ain’t start none of those conflicts?

Is it a crime to respound to someone calling you out?

“Look at Jesse and Oprah, he talks shit, and then in the interview with Angie Mar, he says he loves them and they are his idols. He does the same with Young Jeezy, and JayZ. I mean come on, make up your mind already.”

Good Point Good Point

. “And quite frankly, he not as great a lyricist as he thinks he is.”

word to “Dead Birds flying through a broken sky” lol

And Super Ugly is so Underated.

Lil Wayne:
“He tries to come off so hard but admits that he ain’t never really been in the streets”

Nuff said

Juelz better than Wayne?

Your gonna haft to help me with that.


“This 230 lb, over 6 foot tall guy wants the whole world to know how hard he is, yet, he got beat by Ja Rule…Yea, as in 5’6 Ja Rule. That means that he is as big as me, well, without shoes on anyway. Then, after he gets beat, he goes out and gets an order of protection against him…yea real hard. Even I’m not that big of a bitch.”


I’m gonna post this without reading the previous comments yet but I’ma check those later

Good Read tho for real.

Ms. Blond-D said...

I feel what all of ya'll are saying. My idea of fake is someone who says that they are one thing, and the acts just the opposite. You are right that there are a boatload of rappers that I could have used for this article, but I tried to choose rapper's that most people on here would know. And I used guys that I hear people argue over. I'm not doubting that any of these guys can rap, they get money for what they do and their shit sells, so obviously they are good.

And Beast, the rap game should be about what lyrics you are putting out. I got much love for Nelly and T.I. because they know who they are. They rap about what they know, and they ain't fake. No I could spend all day talkin shit on game, but no one has ever said he is the shit, no one says he is the best, or the hardest, so the world already knows he's fake.

So guys and girls keep the comments coming, and let me know if there's anything else you want to get my opinion on.

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