Saturday, December 6, 2008

Biweekly Beauty #17 - The Sexy Colombian - Ms. Nessa

Mr Lex - What name do you go by?

MS. NESSA -My Name is Vanessa but everybody calls me NESSA

Mr Lex - What is your nationality?

MS. NESSA - I am 100% Colombian.

Mr Lex - How long have you been Modeling?

MS. NESSA -Its been about to be two years.

Mr Lex - I heard that your a very religious person do you feel like you have any extra hurdles that you have to overcome being in this industry?

MS. NESSA -I am not religious I believe in God and I know that's the only way to achieve my dreams. God do make part of my life. I don't call it"RELIGION"
its more of a relationship whit God and that's what has gotten me till this point in life.

Mr Lex - Are you single?

MS. NESSA -Yes, I am and NOT looking. lol

Mr Lex - (decides not to flirt with Nessa at this time lol) What do you like to do in your spare time?

MS. NESSA -I read , maybe go watch a movie , or just have one of those "MALL DAYS" hehehe just shop till i get tired!

Mr Lex - A Shopaholic i see What is your favorite TV show or movies I'm hooked on the real chance of love lol don't ask me why?

MS. NESSA -I'm not a big fan of t.v but i enjoy the Tyra Banks Show once in a while, but as far as movies i like bad boys 2 , Friday , my favorites movies are scary ones though too many to name.

Mr Lex - The last scary movie That really got me was final destination I didnt even want to drive home from the theater lol and then when the lady got killed at her CPU......AWE mannn lets change the topic.... What is your favorite Song right now?

MS. NESSA -I'm feeling that "Love lockdown" by Kanye.

Mr Lex - Is there any clubs and locations where can people see you at?

MS. NESSA -Well the only clubs i go to are BED, THE FIFTH, DREAM, & MANSION. i hit the club here and there with all my fine homegirls so you might see me
somewhere in VIP chillin'.

Mr Lex - My new goal is to get VIP Access ASAP.... lol What are some of your goals?

MS. NESSA -Well i only not just model, i also design. My next goal its to bring my own swimsuit line to the U.S

Mr Lex - WOW good luck with that and please keep us posted What are some of your accomplishment to date?

MS. NESSA -Just making things happen , making something outta nothing.
I'm working on some things that are already accomplished
but i rather keep them to myself' till i can bring it around.

Mr Lex - What is the biggest misconception about you?

MS. NESSA -I would say some females always get the wrong impression till they get to know me.
I think that happens to most people, they say i look mean and i'm the opposite of that.

Mr Lex - And what is the best way to get in contact with you?

MS. NESSA -You guys can reach me on my myspace page
www. myspace. com/32523921border="0" />


Dame said...

Colulubia is good, Columbia is very good.

Nice Post fam…Like how you tied things in ..

Unknown said...

wasup Dame???
i say we take a trip to Columbia sometime in the near future...
I need to go at least once
If the ladies look as half as good as Ms Nessa i mite not come back

ALLIE said...

nessa is my babbyyyy! great feature. well written. =]


Unknown said...

Thanks Allie
yea nessa is definitely kool peoples!!!!

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