Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alicia Keys & Halle Berry are overrated????????

I was over at Cerebral Beasts
and normally his post are right on the money but this time
but he made a top 10 overrated hotties list
and had the balls to put Alicia Keys and Halle Berry in the same category with Tila Tequila
W.T.F. is wrong with him and the worse part about it is
people even agreed with him
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Alicia Keys

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And the baddest 40 yr old M.I.L.F. in the game
Halle Berry

SO please people go over there and place your overrated hottie votes
and please tell them to either get their eyes checked stop sniffn so much glue and put the crack pipe down !



i hate to disappoint you LEXXX but i'm sure that when the people speak....they will CONFIRM my declaration that Halle Berry and MOS DEFINITELY Alicia Keys are OVERRATTED!!!!!!

believe that. lol

Mr. Lex said...

Not a chance
your a lil young to have glaucoma

your trippn on this one

Dani said...

Going to have to agree with the Cerebral Beast. I don't think Alicia is that overrated, but Halle definitely is.

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