Saturday, November 15, 2008

UFC - Brock Lesner vs Randy Couture

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Now i think this fight was some bullshit and I knew Randy didnt stand much of a chance with Brock he was too big. This was just Dana White punishing Randy for tryn to leave the UFC and fight Fedor. Dana was just feeding Randy to his new pet monster. I think Nog will beat Mir and will fight Brock next to unify the belts and will beat Brock (and i like brock) but Nog will have him tappn!




I wanna thank Lexxx for throwing up these fights for us to's convenient and it's FREE so big ups on that.


Fuck 50 Cent. Straight up. I could lay up in that bitch ALL day so if you disagree with me on that when, get at me!

Now. As for the fight. I gotta disagree with you Lexxx on a couple of points. You said:

..."I knew Randy didn't stand much of a chance with Brock"...

How's this homie? First of all the fight was well anticipated BECAUSE it was a great matchup, meaning not one fighter or the other had a SIGNIFICANT advantage. The Vegas line was -175 Lesnar and +125 Couture which as you know ain't much difference. And Randy took out people like Tim Sylvia and Gabriel Gonzaga who are both BIG guys in their own respect. And if THAT wasn't enough....Frank Mir who is significantly smaller than Brock Lesnar submitted him in his UFC DEBUT.

Rewatch the fight and Randy was doing very well actually, landing hard punches and effective counters. I was VERY impressed with Lesnar's knees, so fast and high.

Ultimately, I would LOVE to see Lesnar vs. Fedor....that's a championship fight!!!

Mr. Lex said...

1st thanks 4 the love
i try 2 do what i can 2 get the fights !!!!!

2nd fuck 50 i agree
(Be on the look out for Ms blond-D's post about 50 and Wayne coming soon)

I look at the randy fight like this:

he quit in 07 and didnt fight since then he comes back to fight brock no warm up fights or anything like that.

He was always a small heavyweight and was better off in the light heavyweight division he lost alot more heavyweight fights than L.H.

"The Vegas line was -175 Lesnar and +125 Couture which as you know ain't much difference"

Im sure in Vegas the polls were close but look how they were marketing it Captain America hes my hero and only showing his fight with Tim Silvia

and as far a Tim Silvia he is a bum and i can only think of one notable win on his record.

Randy strength is his wrestling but having to fight a bigger, better, faster , stronger wrestler i know he didn't stand much of a chance his only options was to knock him out or make him tap. I dont know how brocks chin is but we know his only weakness is hes vulnerable to submissions!

and frank mir was lose'n that fight until he got his leg

Lesnar vs. Fedor
would be a great fight to bad it wont happen anytime soon!!!!!
Dana "the real life Vince Mcmahon" White

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