Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spotlight on - Ciji Michelle [Model - Writer - CEO]

1) What name do you go by?
Ciji Michelle - I go by my real name, Ciji Michelle. Ciji is my first name, Michelle is my middle.

2) What are some of your Titles? ( you seem to be a woman that can do a lot).
Ciji Michelle - I am a writer, model, web developer, and now a CEO of my very own magazine set to launch in late 08 early 09.

3) What are your goals?
Ciji Michelle - I want to eventually have my own shoe line. I have a lot to learn, but I've always had a self taught business sense. People are always so shocked to find out how dedicated I am to my behind the scenes business ventures.

4) What are some of your accomplishments?
Ciji Michelle - Yes, I've done a lot of print and online urban mags such as Enfluenz, DB Magazine, Floss, BET. com, Ballerstatus, Web Watch Honey. No mainstream magazines yet. But I did just book my first mainstream video. Won't release it until it airs and I can prove that I'm in it...lol You know how that goes when your just another face in the crowd.

5) Where can people see more of you?
Ciji Michelle - they can check out my myspace page. www. myspace. com/cijicarr. Or they can just Google me. Anything you want to find out on me I'm sure its on the net somewhere.

6) How did you start modeling?
Ciji Michelle - I currently write for 4 magazines. When I started modeling I was writing for one, I also was a photo shoot coordinator meaning I would help book models and so on. I booked a chocolate model and she no- called no showed. they needed at replacement, so they asked me. At first I was reluctant, but the minute I did it I was immediately drawn to it. I have a lot of fun with this.

7) Have you worked with any celebrities?
Ciji Michelle - Yes, a lot. Most of work with celebrities is behind the scenes as a journalist.
Few of them know I model; for the most part I never bring it up first. For now anyone can check out my interviews with, Lil Wayne, Baby, Lloyd, A new one coming with Plies etc.. on my Myspace. When I release my Mag its gonna be crazy.

8) Whats the average working day for you consist of?
Ciji Michelle - I go to the office and work on whatever projects or websites I'm currently working on. I go home and work on my magazine and finish articles that I've written or edited for the current Mags that I freelance for.

9) What are some perks of doing what you do?
Ciji Michelle - I really have fun doing both behind the scenes and in front of the camera work. As a writer, you get invites to events, that can be a lot of fun, You meet really good people and connects. The respect that I get as a writer as opposed to a model is so obvious. Even though I'm the same person, I still notice the difference in the treatment. As a model the best part is the pampering. Having people make you up to look like a doll. And then to see the pictures afterwards is exciting. I know when I see myself in Magazines or on the TV I am always shy about it, doesn't fail.

10) How long have you been a writer?
Ciji Michelle - For all my life, I communicate better through writing. I've been writing for magazines for 4 years. I come from a family of excellent writers. I'm still no where near my sisters levels.

11) What do you write about?
Ciji Michelle - most of my articles are based on interviews, that's usually what gets featured.
I am now one of the writers for Enfluenz Magazine's Sexyology column. The column basically focuses on any and everything that exemplifies what sexy is.

(Lexxx - my type of girl! lol)

12) Who are some of your favorite authors and books?
Ciji Michelle - Teri Woods true to the game is my favorite book ever. I like Shannon B. Holmes, Zane and W.E.B. Duboise

13) What is the biggest misconception about you?
Ciji Michelle - That I am mean or rude. People who see me before speaking to me seem to always get the impression that I am going to be an asshole or something. If wish I could show how many times a day or week I hear: "You are so friendly, not at all how I thought you would be." I am naturally down to earth, because thats how I was raised to be. People reach out to me and show me love on a regular basis, who am I to ignore that. I had a talk with a model one time that was complaining about all of the hits and messages she gets... She said she was too busy to read or respond.. I let her know, I know you get overwhelmed sometimes but it only takes a second to say thank you. I know you can't reach back out to everyone, but how come your reaching out to NO ONE.

14) Are you in a relationship?
Ciji Michelle - Every time I'm asked this question the answer is different... lol. I went through the whole revolving door thing for a while with someone very special. It didn't work so now, YES! I am very single

( Lexxx - well you know im also single soooooo lets be single together! lol )

15) What are some current projects your working on?
Ciji Michelle - Like I said my magazine, I shot my first movie role for a movie thats set to release this year, that I am very excited about
called Ex$pendable. And until the full launch of my mag I am still freelancing and getting my work both writing and pictures published. Life is good.

( Lexxx - dont forget about us small people)

16) What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Ciji Michelle - on my Myspace page. www. myspace. com/cijicarr.
I read and respond to all messages. Might take some time but I do try and get back to everyone as soon as I can.

Is there anything else you would like to say or promote?
Ciji Michelle - Yes I am looking for writers. If you are interested in being apart of our team please email me at cijimichelle@yahoo.com

Thanks again for your time!
Your An official friend of the blog
Ciji Michelle - Oh no problem... Thank you :)

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