Friday, August 22, 2008

Bi -Weekly Beauty #9 - Ahoilani

1) What name do you go by?
Ahoilani - Ahoilani or Heaven or Hell... you choose... lol

2)what are your measurements?
Ahoilani - 36-25-39

3) What are your goals?
Ahoilani - Well one of my goals I have already accomplished, Mochalani Entertainment owned by Queen Mocha & Myself... 4 years running and doing quite well. I also would like to establish a fund & center for children who have been victims to any type of neglect or abuse... I have been in the process with a few of my associates in creating one here in Colorado.. There are many organizations that help the children but we really need one that focuses on children whom are abused, mistreated, alone... etc....

3)Where can people see more of you?
Ahoilani - Well i am only by request through our company. Easiest way to access to us is by booking... And always if you are in Denver, Colorado...
4)What do you do for a living and how long have you done this?
Ahoilani - I am part owner of Mochalani Entertainment., club promoter, & exotic entertainer... As well as a Fashions coordinator and Editor of leisures for Jair/Jasiel Inc.(intimate clothing line for women)

5)What is the sexiest thing about your job?
Ahoilani - (laughing) The fantasy given to each one of my customers in the field of entertaining to their delights. Sexy ... Oh and the 36 ladies that work up under us ...

(Lexxx - Well I have alot of fantasies so we may need to talk about some kind of discounts or 2 for 1 specials , food stamps something !!!!!! lol )

6)Are you currently in a relationship?
Ahoilani - I am not in any serious relationships at the time...

7)Describe how would you turn your lover on to get them in a sexual mood?
Ahoilani - The unexpectable surprises of arousement during the most unthoughtabout moments... I love catching them when they aren't thinking about being sexual... touching, rubbing, and giving them their pleasure right when he/she might be taking out the trash, or stepping in to the shower... Can you say mood sexual... Im hot thinking about it (laughing)

(Lexxx - me 2 or maybe thats the broken A/C either way its gettn hot in here ...whew)

8)What is the most sensitive part of your body?
Ahoilani - The most sensitive part on me is behind my ears...and the sides of my waist...

9)Describe your most passionate/naughty/freakiest night of lovemaking and why was it so special?
Ahoilani - I did a show for a fraternity alumni... At the time i was married to my first husband and he never would show up to any of my events.
Well as soon as i finished my show i went to wipe down and change.. In my room there he was waiting and ready before i could even open the door we were all over each other like honey... I dont think we missed any of the furniture in the room and I know the water over flooded in the sink...hahahaaha... Etc. For the rest of this story.... my secrets to what else happened... but it was special because he took a moment to appreciate me in a position he has never really felt comfortable in me doing...

(lexxxx - hummmm i may need to hear the rest of this one!!!!!)

10) What is your current favorite song?
Ahoilani - Hmmmmmmmm.... I would have to say "you" by Raheem Devaughn

11) What is the biggest misconception about you?
Ahoilani - The biggest misconception about me I hear a lot is, " You don't have kid's!!! And 6 at that!" (laughing) I do and love each one of my blessings... They make me push harder to obtain.

12)What are some current projects your working on?
Ahoilani - Right now we are in the process of bring Denver ladies another male revue and the fellas a another Mansion blowout...
13) What is the best way to get in contact with you?
Ahoilani -

And again thank you so much for allowing me to give you this interview!!!!!!!
You are a friend of the blog!!!!!!

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