Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spotlight interview with (The Author of Desperately Devoted ) K.C.NiBlack

MR. Lex - Hello K.C.NiBlack how are you doing today?

K.C.NiBlack - I'm Fabulous!

MR. Lex - Can you please give us a brief introduction about who you are and how acquired such a love for writing ?

K.C. NiBlack - Sure, I'm a devoted mother of two awesome girls and absolutely love writing. I can remember writing what I called books as young as six or seven. I would fold up computer paper, staple it in three places on the seam and write my "books". My mother is an author, so I is just in me.
I'm an Army Brat so I've been a lot of places and seen a lot of things. I live with my daughters in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area...and yes, I am a Redskins fan...all the way.

MR. Lex - ( refuses comment about the deadskins lol) What do you use for inspiration when you dont feel like writing anymore?

K.C. NiBlack - I always feel like writing. It's mind is always thinking about my characters and what mess I can put them in and pull them out of. When I take a break and watch a movie, or hear a song, listen to my girlfriends' drama or think about my own...I think "Ohhh...I need to write!"

MR. Lex - Can you tell me more about "Desperately Devoted"?

K.C. NiBlack -Aside from the fact that it's my first novel, Desperately Devoted is a mixture of the things that women as a whole have allowed themselves to be a part of...all poured into one woman. Desperately Devoted is about a woman who is so in love with the idea of being in love that she neglects to pick up on the red flags. She ends up so in love with this guy, she's desperate to be devoted, and loses herself in the process. Before she knows it, she's fighting for her life.

MR. Lex - I must admit It is a really good read with some familiar landmarks in the DC area. Was Frankie Leone or any other characters created from anyone you know or completely fictional?

K.C. NiBlack - There is a piece of me and those who I hold dear to me in Frankie, Reese, Tony, Thomas, and the other characters. A lot of it is embellished, some fictional...but the pain is forever real. The story is something that a lot of women and even some men can relate to. It's not a "chick" book at all...for the men out there. (smile)

MR. Lex - How long did it take you to create this story?

K.C. NiBlack - I started typing one day in August I was September it was published. I read it at least 10 times and then realized that it was never going to be perfect. I put it down finally and released it.

MR. Lex - Seems like your a true perfectionist but is it true you did everything yourself as far as copyrighting, and publishing?

K.C. NiBlack -That's true. I even created the cover. If I can find a way to do it myself...then why not? A very good friend guided me through the process because he had already been through it twice.

MR. Lex - Do you have any advice or knowledge you can share with any up and coming writers?

K.C. NiBlack - RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. Talk to different writers and learn as much as you can. Read. Read. And read some more. Don't ask others to read your work to just see what they think. You'd be surprised at the haters that are in your corner that you never knew about.

K.C. NiBlack - I'm always willing to share the knowledge. So hit me up if you have any questions.

MR. Lex - Do you have any other goals or projects your working on?

K.C. NiBlack - I have finished my 2nd novel...but decided to go back and take a different approach after I read through the first time. I have begun work on my 3rd novel which will probably come out before the 2nd.

MR. Lex - Please keep us posted and where can we find your book and how can we get in contact with you?

K.C. NiBlack - You can find "Desperately Devoted" on I'm on Myspace at or feel free to email me anytime at

MR. Lex Thanks again for your time and let us know when your 2nd novel comes out


Author Lord'Williams said...

I enjoyed the interview with Ms. Niblack. Her first novel "Desperately Devoted" sounds like a novel I would be interest in reading. In fact I'll add it to my must read list.

Thanks Mr Lex for shining light on such a charming yound woman.

Author - Lord'Williams

Unknown said...

thanks 4 the comment Lord'Williams
yea Its a great read
and hopefully Ms Niblack will let us know when her new books come out also

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