Sunday, November 23, 2008

Biweekly Beauty #16 - Ms Jenny J - (34D-25-35)

Mr Lex - What name do you go by?
Jenny - My name is Jennifer but everybody calls me Jenny.

Mr Lex - What are your measurements?
Jenny - 34D-25-35

Mr Lex - What are some of your goals?

Jenny - Some of my goals for 2009 are to definitely keep grindin to get my name out and my voice heard in the entertainment industry. I would love to get some major publications under my belt in 09 and just keep working hard.

Mr Lex -I hear that and I hope we can help! What are some of your accomplishments?

Jenny - My greatest accomplish to date is graduating College, it was a very stressful time in my life, a lot of late night studying, too many papers to write and a lot of nodose LOL. Although it was extremely stressful, my college experience has been so rewarding, and I am so proud of myself for getting my degree.

Mr Lex -hummm a College Grad, a model Are you currently single?

Jenny - Yes, I am very single.

Mr Lex - (Mr Lex is filling up his car on the way back to the DMV to find Jenny lol) What is your current favorite song that automatically gets you in a sensual mood?

Jenny - Humm…I guess I don’t have a favorite song but plies always seems to do the trick, he’s so nasty. ;) Get you wet Feat. Pleasure P

Mr Lex - We heard about your nodose college nights and your daily grinding but what do you do for fun when your not working?

Jenny - When I’m not working, shopping or spending time with my family and friends, I am exploring the DC nightlife, I am relatively new to the DMV area, so I’m hitting up all the hot spots Love, Fur, H20, Layla’s, and Adams Morgan. The DC nightlife is crazy, and there’s always something for me to get in to.

Mr Lex - Yea Dc is my home away from home we mite need to hit the clubs up sometime soon I heard your a basketball fan who is your favorite team?

Jenny - Yes, I am a big basketball fan!! My favorite team is the Washington Wizards; I have been attending the games religiously with my family since I was 12. And my favorite player is Gilbert Arenas, he doesn’t get nearly as much shine as she should, he’s a beast on the court and is underrated. I can’t wait for Gilbert to get back on the court. GO WIZARDS!! :)

Mr Lex -How was your time at the radio station Wpgc and who did you get to meet and hang out with?

Jenny - Oh wow, my internship with WPGC, was amazing, there was always something exciting going on, all the radio personalities were really kind and sweet to all of the interns. I met some amazing people, and made some great friends. One of the perks was that I was able to met a lot of celebrities, Magic Johnson, Ti, Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamieson, Buckeey, Lil Moe, Ja rule, a bunch of Washington Redskin players and WNBA Washington mystics players, and of course Big Tigger & Donnie Simpson.

Mr Lex -Im sure some men may get intimated from you being a model and scared to approch you What is something most people mite not know about you?

Jenny - Most people don’t know that I am very silly and down to earth; when people first meet me, they think I must be this prissy girl who is gonna have all this attitude, but that’s not me by a long shot. lol I’m such a nerd, I like cracking jokes, playing video games, and acting a fool with my family. LOL

Mr Lex - I 2nd that Ms Jenny your kool peoples but im handing out azz whoopn on all video games this yr and just cause your a sexy, smart model with a set of D's your no exception lol How can people get in contact with you?

Jenny - You can contact me on my myspace page www.myspace. com/

Mr Lex - Is there anything else you would like to say ?

Jenny - Special thanks to Mr. Lex for showing me luv, and taking the time out to interview me. Much luv to the whole DMV, Hampton Roads, and the Queen City!! YES WE DID! OBAMA 08!

BOOK Jenny AT: Style Entertainment Model Management/Style Elite Talent Agency OFFICE: (301) 562-5930, 911 Silver Spring Avenue (Suite 107) Silver Spring MD, 20910

No thank you Ms Jenny and please K.I.T.

also see Ms jenny J
in 50 cents pimpin curly



All women like Plies! It's official. lol. This lady's skin is what does the trick! Plus she got a degree...I wish her the best of luck.

Unknown said...

lol yea Plies got the ladies on lock!!!!!!!
im lovn Jennys lips
mmmm hummmmmm

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