Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Diary - Last night at the Karaoke Bar

Last night was one of those nights where i just needed to get out and im GLAD i did!
My big homie was celebrating his birthday so me and a few of my friends decided to go to the karaoke bar to get some drinks and cut up!
It was a adventure for me just trying to find the bar (but thats another story)
when i finally did get there i walk in the door and see some old school OG lookn dude dancing with 2 fine ass girls that looked like they could be as young as his daughters
(get it old school! I ant mad atcha lol )
I so hooked up with my friends who are already drunk and singing way off beat!
so we start gettn loud talkn shit and acting a fool!
fun times!
but i will be daymn if any of you ever see me singing on stage at any karaoke!
you hear me !
It will never evvvvvveeeeerrrr happen!
Since they passed the "no smoking cigars" in the bar law i went outside to smoke my black when i saw the fine girls from inside that were dancing with old school come out and they were looking drunk as hell!
The lite skin one was done!
and I mean done!
As soon as she came outside she dropped her cell phone and it broke in 3 pieces
and i couldn't help myself i busted out laughn
Daymnnnnn your phone just got f*ucked up!
but prove me wrong she put that sh*t together on some Macgyver type shit and as soon as she started running her mouth on the phone she tried to walk and dayumn near fell 3 times before grabbing the light post to regain get her balance!
by this time im on my phone cry'n cause i was laughn so hard
Then she kept wanting to talk on her phone and stand in the middle of the street
Im like W.T.F.
I mean i will laugh at someone in a min but i dont wanta see anyone get seriously hurt!
so im yelln at her girl that watched her walk in the street like
grab your girl before she get hit!
after having to do this for about 3 or 4 separate times and keeping a eye on them cause some drunk dude who knocked his own self down shadowboxing his own reflexion in the store window
was there and he went from trying to grope them to wanting to fight them

and that wasnt going 2 happen !!!!
their ride came and took them home!
and he looked pissed!
lol O well
I went back in the bar and we partied until the lights came on!
Fun times!
I cant wait for my Bday in a few weeks!

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Anonymous said...

Haha yea all in all it was a fun night!!!!!!

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