Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Diary - I need to vent so F-U all !!!!

Its been a bad few days for me so i need to vent and let some of this anger out!!!!
before I explode!!!!!!

1) F*ck U - to my stupid ass car that didn't want to work on Monday and made me miss work and now im not getting paid for that day im already broke! F U stupid car

2) F*ck U - to the guy that keeps fixing my car and i know hes secretly fucking it up more but i cant prove it! Because he knows he is the closest shop to my house so i have to keep taking it to him so he keeps robbing me! F U Mr ima get mine the ski mask way mechanic

3) F*ck U - to the white guy in the station wagon at stop light When I was just trying to ask you where a certain street was and you heard me beeping my horn over 5 times and doing my best karate kid wax on wax off wave just trying to get your attention. and you still did your best ima try not to look over at him but maybe he wont see me peek! (i saw you peeking!!!!) and once you finally did answer my question you hurried up and pulled up more until your car was halfway in the intersection. All Black people do not want rob you! And defiantly not when they are dressed up in a biz casual suit for work! F U Mr scary white man!

4) F*ck U - To the old lady at the public access TV station because i called before I came wayyy up there and was supposed to get a tour of the place and put my materials up for some show producers and you know with these high ass gas prices it costs about the same price to buy a Xbox game and full up my car! So i spent my Madden money on this waste of time trip and when i got to the station they lady was behind bullet proof glass and would not give me the time of day (1st off why is there bullet proof glass in a public access TV station who the F*ck is shoot'n up TV stations... sigh) So F U to the old TV lady and all your gangster actors!

5) F*ck U - To all my fake azz friends who don't support me , my blog or my dreams and to my closest friends who see me grinding and working hard trying to do something positive with my life because of they're own insecurities and bullsh*t reasons they want to hate on me Like i didn't support them and give them 110% of my time and effort for them to be successful. Like I wouldn't bring them along with me if i ever did blow! F U ungrateful azzes!

6) F*ck U - to George W. Bush just for being you and ruining my country with these high ass gas prices and this F'n recession!


Dub said...

Tell em why you mad son!

Mike Turner said...

I hope number 5 ain't for me. And if it is, you need a hug or some pussy. Get the pussy.


writing in blog = therapy. good stuff

Anonymous said...

Garbage Pal Kids ahhh the nostalgia ,,,,

“F U Stupid Car” very Homer esque lol

Whose hating?
Check your shit… Bethesda is me(Wednesday) … and ya shit froze on me

Personally I’m lazy, but hating ain’t in my blood
Also …your Rss still doesn’t work fam..
And like I’ve said before I check all my shit on my google reader, and every time I put your site in my google reader it doesn’t work
Don’t believe me, try it your self, you gotta check your settings on that.

Make ya shit Google reader compatible please!!!! Lol

Besides that …high levels of stress are temporary ….just maintain for a min…
Normality will return.

Mr. Lexxx said...

Like i said i was just venting!
and number 5 was the way i was feeling about a lot of people in general it wasn't anything personal or aimed at any one person

Mr. Lexxx said...

TheGurlzClub.... coming soon!!!!!
Blog Wars ...... Coming soon!!!!!!!
if you dont like me fight me!!!!!!!!
lets get it started

Most Wanted said...

Damn nigg. Tell us how you really feel.

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