Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bria Myles & Candice Stevenson Present "iCandy in HD" for PS3

Recently, two of the hottest video vixens doubled up with Konsole Kingz (KKZ) to bring you two Special Dynamic Themes for PlayStation 3.

While Bria Myles trains as Ms. Croft, Candice Stevenson prepares in the ring. Bria may be well known for her music video appearances in Kanye West and Rhymefest’s “Brand New,” Twista’s, “Girl Tonight,” and Pharrell and Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too,” but here in the KKZ PS3 Theme she's the baddest dual wielding, pistol-packing woman in video game history.

And yes, it's true, Candice made the transition from music videos and magazines to become the CEO of the Glam Modeling and Talent Agency. However, don't let Candice's new business title fool you. Her hard work and dedication also pays off in the boxing ring.

Both themes debut in the PlayStation Store with auto-rotating images, along with the KKZ silver icon pack to personalize your PlayStation 3 system. So, whenever you're ready to go toe-to-toe with these tough, yet vivacious beauties... for $2.99 both Bria and Candice are available for download in the PlayStation Store.

To access the highly sought after Konsole Queenz' screenshots, and press release visit: www.konsolekingz.com/briamyles and www.konsolekingz.com/candice.
Also, Check them out @RealBriaMyles , @ItGirlCandice, and @KonsoleKingz on twitter to express your thoughts on the #PS3 Themes.

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