Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BiWeekly Beauty #19 - Stephanie "SDot" Dotson

Mr Lex - Hello Ms Dotson 1st off thanks for taking time out your day to do this interview so how are you doing?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - I'm doing well luv. How are you?

Mr Lex - I am doing a lot better now that I get to interview the baddest redhead in the biz!!!! lol When did you start modeling?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - I've been modeling since I was 16. But I've been a red head redbone since oct of 2007 LOL.It seems like like the world likes the red head best.

Mr Lex - On behalf of the world yes we do! lol I also heard your a gamer and like to play xbox? what games do play? and are you any good?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - street fighter all day luv, NBA Live, and I can kick ass in guitar hero LOL. Bring IT.

Mr Lex - oh yea well consider it brought!!!! anytime red!! but just to give you a heads up my NBA Live stats don't look that good right now..... but im better than my 38- 2 record but since we are talkn about records what your fav songs right now?
R&B and hip hop?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson -
1. Birthday Sex
2. Best I ever had
3. Beggin
4. Put It Down
5. Coldest Winter

Mr Lex - How would you describe your personality?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - I am a very out going person and determined, if I want something bad enough I will get. Hands Down LOL! But on the other hand, I like to have fun and live life to the fullest. I do everything I can to be great because I don't wan't to look back at my life with regret.

Mr Lex - Whats are some guilty pleasures most people don't know you have?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - OMG this is gonna sound so bad but it's practicing on my stripper pole at home. hahaha like not too many people know that about me but I do have a stripper pole fellas.

Mr Lex - Stripper pole!!!! wow.............. (Mr Lex is literally drooling) I dint know if I told you this but I am an official stripper pole practicer critic I Just got my licence. Are you single?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - Yes I am.

Mr Lex - After this interview i am sure you wont be for long lol Describe the type of guy you are attracted or qualities your ideal man should have?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - I like assertive guys. They have to know what they want and like to have fun, nice smile, decent feet ( I cannot stress that enough guys), and sense of humor. But Back to that assertive thing, If a man let's me push him around he's not a real man to me. Turnin me off as Ms. Hilson would say.

Mr Lex - Daymn bunyouns!!!! Oh well ...... Name 3 celebrities you find attractive?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - Andree 300, Big Gipp, Idris Elba

Mr Lex - Where would be the best place to take you on a date? and should a man always pay?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - Bossinovas on sunset. You can never go wrong. I mean if he's inviting then yes he should, but if not then I can hold my own.

Mr Lex - What was the most romantic or sexiest thing anyone has ever done for you or vice versa?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - My mate at the time made me dinner, ran me a hot bubble bath, gave me a nice body rub, then he gave me great kutty LOL. Mines was taking him him to meet the owner of his favorite basketball team (the lakers) stayed with him in the box the entire game and afterwards he got to meet the players. He was smitten by that.

Mr Lex - lucky man ok sounds like you have a romantic side but If you were in a situation and had to chose between a new love and a new career like one of our writers what one would you pick and why?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - I think it would have to be my career because before I can love anyone I have to love Stephanie Dotson first. If I don't do that and make my money first no one will respect me. No man can honestly say they want a female who isn't about anything at all.

Mr Lex - True and good point! What are some of your goals for 2009? and what do you see yourself doing in the next 5 yrs?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - My goals this year are pretty much set in stone, to get in as many projects as possible and get my name nationally known. As far as my future goes I'd like to start my clothing line and open my first store in Manhattan NYC.

Mr Lex - well please keep us posted ! Where can we see more of you?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - You can catch me on MTV working on a few things with smooth mag and my people out in NYC. so Look out world because SDOT is coming for you. Sugar, Spice, and everything Nice. LOL

Mr Lex - You will definitely be on our radar! Is there anything else you would like to say?

Stephanie "SDot" Dotson - you can also follow me on my website should be posted no later than august 2009 so stay tuned America.

you can see Ms Dotson in Choc Nitty's shake it like jello video

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another solid interview.
great girl with lots of potential!
keep 'em coming......

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