Sunday, April 12, 2009

BiWeekly Beauty #18 - Nikki "Apple Bottom" Torres

Mr Lex - Ms Nikki Apple Bottom Torres how are you? and how is everything going in your world?

Nikki - I'm doing well! Everything in my world is really amazing right now, I'm just following where the wind takes me or shall I say where God takes me.

Mr Lex - How long have you been modeling and what are some of your other accomplishments?

Nikki -I've been modeling, seriously, going on three years now. I started off as a print model for intimate apparel Beauty and Lace and its subsidiary Naughty Girls 4 Fun wear, and have since branched off to video modeling and spokes modeling. Television is where I really see my career headed, as I am currently working on a project for Showtime, as well as, being a TV Personality for "Livin The Hustle".

Mr Lex - Please keep us informed about your show and other projects when you can! Can you tell me more about "Livin the Hustle" and your role with it? and who are some other celebs you've meet being involved with this?

Nikki - I am currently the host of "Livin The Hustle" which is a series dedicated to highlighting individuals in the game (artists and celebrities) hustlin to make it or if they are already in the game, hustlin to maintain it. It brings a positive light on what goes on behind the glitz and glam of celebrities by obtaining exclusive interviews and highlighting performances of different artists. I have had the opportunity to interview the likes of: Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Wendy Day (Founder of the Rap Coalition), DJ Drama, TJ Chapman (Tj's Dj's), to politicians such as Councilman Jarvis out of Houston's B District, just to name a few.

Mr Lex - Wow you definitely are living the hustle yourself also. Ok i couldn't have let this been a official redlightsextion interview without asking you about this. Ive been to your myspace page and read some of your blogs and I had 2 ask what prompted the sex strike lol??? and would you ever try it again??

Nikki - LOL!!! Well when I posted that blog back in November of 2007, I had EVERY intention of holding out for a long time. I was tired of great sex being the reason I stayed with a particular someone when I knew they were no good for me, but the strike only lasted about two weeks because the temptation was too much for me to bear at the time. I have been on one other strike since then which lasted about 6 months, and it was actually a really good experience, so yes I would do it again as long as I can keep using my "toys" LOL.

Mr Lex - 6 months whoa. I was on a sex strike also but it just wasn't voluntarily lol but that is a whole other story. What are some reasons you think a lot of men are scared of strong independent women? What qualities would a man your interested in need to have?

Nikki - I personally think a lot of men are afraid of having to measure up to women who can do for themselves everything a man is "supposed" to do for a woman. I think independent women make a lot of men feel inferior. In general, most men like the notion of being a provider so when that is taken away from them they usually don't know how to deal; its unfortunate because most of the time what we as independent women want is someone to love us, we don't care about what you can do for us because we already got what we need on our own. For me personally, a man has to be confident because I can't stand an insecure man, a great sense of humor, and he has to have realistic dreams and ambitions.

Mr Lex - (Mr. Lex sighs..... then stops daydreaming about soaking in the Jacuzzi on his personal leer jet with his face painted on the side of it that is currently flying him to his own personal island of nothing but women that look like Nikki that will feed him grapes and steak ums) Oh well..... What are some things that keep you motivated on achieving your goals?

Nikki - Well I have two daughters that look up to me, so I have to be an example, which makes me mindful of everything that I do. They are my daily motivations to keep pushing hard until I accomplish my goals because when all is said and done, they are the ones who will reap the benefits.

Mr Lex - I seen you were working on getting in better shape and last i saw your body is looking phenomenal are you on any special diet or workout program? I've been kinda lazy lately so is there any advice you can give us couch potatoes?

Nikki - I wouldn't say I am on a diet, but I did have a lifestyle change. I realized I was sending myself to an early grave by eating fast food all the time, not working out, and eating any and everything I wanted. The reality check for me came when I saw a picture of me, and I was like, "When did I get a double chin?!", that picture is one I carry with me to this day as a constant reminder that I can never let myself get like that again. For those couch potatoes out there, I am currently working on a fitness video, with MMA trainer Duane Stevenson. However, until that comes out, I would say try to incorporate a minimum of 30 minutes of activity whether its taking a walk, swimming, or running. The key is to get your body moving. If fitness isn't something you can fit in your life at the moment then at least start making healthy eating choices. Carry an apple with you, not only are they nutritious they fill you up, and drink water its good for you inside and out. Subtle eating changes go a long way.

Mr Lex - (puts down the Pepsi and grabs diet Pepsi) Are you currently single?

Nikki - I am single, although my myspace currently says "in a relationship", I've yet to meet my knight in shining armor.

Mr Lex - What would be your ideal 1st date? What would you want to do and where would you want to go?

Nikki - I don't have an ideal 1st date because my dates are based upon the vibe I get from the other person, whereas, one guy may be suitable for a nice Italian restaurant another may be right for attending a football game. It all depends on who the date is with.

Mr Lex - Should you ever give a lover that cheated a 2nd chance? and could the relationship ever be the same if you do?

Nikki - It really boils down to trust, for me, that is an extremely hard thing to get back once its gone. The relationship can NEVER be the same because you'll always be looking over your shoulder and wondering "hmmmmm, I wonder if he/she is creepin' again".If I believed in my heart they were TRULY remorseful, then yes, I would give the cheater a second chance.

Mr Lex - Who is a star or celebrity you had a childhood crush on growing up?

Nikki - I had and still do have the BIGGEST crush on Johnny Depp. One day (sigh)

Mr Lex - Mr Edward Scissorhand/Capt Jack????? hummm lol What songs have you been listening to lately? Whats on your Ipod or in your CD player?

Nikki - Soulja Boy, "Turn My Swag On" gets me going every mornin. During the day I listen to anything from Fat Pimp, "Rackdaddy", Hurricane Chris, "She Fine(Halle Berry)" to The Police and Phil Collins greatest hits. Jamie Foxx and The Dream are my bed buddies right now, they put me to bed.

Mr Lex - Jamie and the Dream are so lucky lol What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Nikki - To contact me email: or hit me up on my myspace:

Mr Lex - Is there anything else you would like to say?

Nikki - A lot of people measure their daily success by the amount of money they have or the assets they've obtained, I measure success by the random people that come up to me and tell me that I have inspired them to do better for themselves. If my life can touch just one person, then I have accomplished my goal for the day. Hopefully, this interview has inspired just one person out there to want better for their lives.

Nikki Apple Bottom

Thanks for your time!
Mr Lex

also check out Nikki's youtube videos she is funny!
Lol @ the end of this

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To me, and it should be to everyone else, that she is the sexiest damn one on this fuckin blog lol.

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