Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Diary - A bad Day (1-14-08)

I'm starting to realize that when ya boy dosn't get enough sleep and is over worked my whole equilbrim will be thrown off. lol but with that being said let me tell you about my day. I knew from the start it I shoulda stayed at home days but do you think I listened to that voice in my head that told me to keep ya azz in your nice warm comfy bed !
nah .........

  • As soon as I heard my alarm I did the usual! hit snooze and went back to sleep! (who really gets up on the 1st alarm???) after sleeping until the very last min and then rushing in the shower and getting dressed i ran outside and realized there is snow everywhere and i have 5 mins to get the snow off my car and to the bus stop and im doing it cause im the Mother f'n man until i slipped and busted my azz on the sidewalk on some ice daymn..........(but i tryed to play it up like i ment to look under my car like that!!!! and still made sure nobody was lookn)
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  • Once I get on the bus its packed and I see one seat with a old lady so i ran to it and sit! Now ima thick dude wearing a puffy coat and the lady in my seat was a thick girl so im tryn 2 squeeze my azz in the seat with her and shes not budging so my azz is hanging off the seat getting hit with every passing fat belly dick n balls and sagging titty that went past and swear I almost lost my eye to a nipple (or a outtie bellybutton IDK im still trying 2 forget) sigh.........

  • Then all that just to get to work and get yelled at and talked to like a retard for 8 hrs because im on the phone all day talkn to people who dont really care about what I have to say and keep talking over me and cutting me off in mid sentence and making me have to repeat my whole sentence over again !!!! grrrrrrr I hate that!!!!!!

  • But on a good note I did get a complement today ! yea boy!!! the swaggas coming back lol

MR Lex

1 comment:

Ms. Blond-D said...

Hahaha poor Lex, I know how it is.

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