Thursday, September 18, 2008

5th annual Blackmen Magazine DC Swimsuit Competition!!!!

Yes ya boy MR Lexxx will be attending!!!!!

Special Guests:
John Blassingame (Publisher of BlackMen Magazine)
Marcus Blassingame (Editor of BlackMen Magazine & SSX)
DJ Kay Slay of Hot 97 (Straight Stuntin Magazine)
Donovan Knowles (Music & Video Producer)
- Vincent Carroll (VideoStar Magazine)
- Fred Davis (Versus Magazine)
- HK (Soft Bottom Magazine)
- Charles Black (SkinTone Magazine)
- Victor Hou (Fashion Designer)
Charles Wiley (National Renowed Photographer)
William Cenac (East Coast Photographer Extrodinar)
Tinman (Model Consultant)
Lizz Robbins (As Seen In King Magazine)
Ahni Luv (As Seen In Smooth Magazine)
Saffa SuperStar (2007 Swimsuit Winner)
And Many, Many, More...

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