Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Single Life with Claudia Jordan and Friends

IF you havnt heard this show before you should give it a listen

The show is hosted by the sexy Claudia Jordan and her beautiful friends aka the pigeons
this is on sirius radio so you know anything goes:

The From G's to Gents to Threesomes Show - Listen here
1st part of the show they talk to Mr. Bentley about his G's 2 Gents show
and the 2nd half they talk about 3somes
this is my Kind of show!

1 comment:

unknown said...

I write this with great concern in my heart regarding the future of all of our kids and the stake of humanity. I am directing this letter to you because you are in a position of great influence. Whether a celebrity, a politician, or some else of statue, I am reaching out to you because I believe you can make a difference. Just recently, I discovered a documentary called the Zeitgeist ( It contains 3 parts: Religion, the 911 conspiracy, and the One World Order. The Religion piece was not as important to me as the other 2 segments. As I watch these 2 segments, i experienced unbelief, rage, as well as fear for what I was watching. I watched with great sadness as professors, scientist, and government officials who have since resigned, produce evidence of how an elite group of wealthy men use power hungry people within our government to produce incidences that lead to war. I saw, with documented proof that 911 was produced on purpose. I could not believe it. I learn the purpose of these incidences were to persuade the American people that the world was not safe and that specific laws should be passed to protect us, when in fact, these new laws take a piece of your freedom away and works toward the agenda of these elite. People of great power are using politicians, celebrities and others as ponds in their intentions to gain power over all living people. Sounds unbelievable right. I couldn’t imagine someone or a group of people having such power but its happening everyday right under our noses. As we go to work each day and fight the day to day struggles of our lives, there are a group of very wealthy, very elite, individuals working with our government’s most powerful (presidents, senators, etc) to pass laws the chip away at the freedoms we the country was founded upon. We have less freedoms than our fathers, they have less that their fathers, and our kids……they are in trouble if we, today, don’t do something. I, by no means am promoting the Zeitgeist; I mention it because it has undisputable evidence all on one DVD. There are a whole host of other resources available just buy googling One World Order. So what can you do? In your position you can start to talk about it within your media avenue and help others to become aware. We win the same way the elite are winning now, when people of great influence start talking about this every day and the masses become educated and more and more become aware, then the law makers get in place because they are only going to do what the people want in order to keep their jobs. Please, I ask you to not dismiss this. I hope you will act upon this message. This is our future if we don’t move to do something: The dollar is not backed by gold any longer, it is just paper. The elite will persuade the government to pass a law to require everyone to wear an imbedded chip, supposedly for convenience of having all identification, but this is a power move of control. Its already used in passports. If you get out of line, they just turn the chip off and you become an outsider, no money, no identity, crazy future. NO FUTURE.

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