Friday, July 11, 2008

(Prove me Wrong pt 2) Mayweather needs to stay Retired!!!!

Before all you money may fans start attacking me hear me out 1st

I think Mayweather is one of the most gifted boxers of our time but..........
he has that Roy Jones complex
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he has that diarrhea of the mouth and a belt fetish plus hes more worried about everything else except boxing "dancing with the stars", WWE, Bet's Iron Ring etc. And remember what happened to Roy as soon as he wanted to be a rapper !!!!!

That being said i just cant respect him right now
hes in a stacked division
lets look at WELTERWEIGHTS division
Ratings For Period Ended July 7, 2008
Boxing: Ratings
in order

1)MIGUEL COTTO - 32-0 (26)
2)SHANE MOSLEY - 44-5 (37)
3)PAUL WILLIAMS - 34-1 (25)
5)CARLOS QUINTANA - 25-2 (19)
6)ZAB JUDAH - 36-5 (25)

Now if someone clams to be the best in the sport at least in my mind i thought u had to beat all the other top fighters in your division. and as we see he beat the 6th rank boxer in this division. Zab and hes a C class fighter (Just ask illaim he agree lol) but let look a lil deeper.......
hes only really beat 2 official fighters in his career while they were in their primes
Corrales & Hatton - and true he destroyed them

he just came off a tough fight with chop chop (the skirt maker) and fought all c and
d class fighters
Sharmba Mitchell- TKO 6 (C-)
Arturo Gatti - TKO 6 (c floyd even told him he was one)
(Won WBC Light Welterweight Title)

then in 2006
Carlos Baldomir - W 12 (never even heard of this dude until he beat Zab)
(Won WBC Welterweight Title)
Zab Judah - W 12 (He just lost his Warm up fight to a nobody)
(Won IBF Welterweight Title)
Henry Bruseles - TKO 8 (who???) (D never even heard of him)
(this time he was offered 8 million to fight Antonio Margarito who at the time was the wbo champ but didn't want to and he considered fighting Cory Spinks -a bum (but he did beat Zab) rather fight a over the hill de la hoya who lost to Hopkins and shoulda lost to Sturm but won a very controversial decision)

Ricky Hatton - TKO 10 - ( who looked like mini me next to floyd hes a light welterweight lol but great win)
(Retained WBC Welterweight Title)
Oscar De La Hoya - W 12 ( out of his last 6 fights only really won 2 ((one was to Mr no chin Vargas and MR.I have no defense so i just stick my chin out for u to hit me Mayorga) and he fought floyd without his trainer)
(Won WBC Jr. Middleweight Title)

but now theres alot of deep talent in this division and after winning the title at the peak of his career what does floyd do retire!Image and video hosting by TinyPic He just beat a man that dresses in lace and spandex go dance in some spandex and then go to the WWE with men who dress in Spandex while all the real fighters in the division prove dominance but realistically floyd wont fight any of them! there is to much danger if he does right now and he knows he mite lose
these fighters are bigger, stronger and hungrier than most of the people hes faced. (except Zab lol ) and how does he talk his way outta fighting real comp tellm they don't make enough to fight him (W.T.F.) just a scapegoat. Thats why i respect Cotto and Margarito and the rest of them who win lose or draw will try to fight the best out there not just try to collect belts from hand picked opponents but maybe im wrong and hes doing the right thing quiting while your ahead cause that Roy jones complex is a motherfucker......Image and video hosting by TinyPic. so the best thing money may can do is collect his money and leave us with a bunch of what ifs. What if Leonard never fought Hagler or Leonard never fought Hearns or Hearns vs Hagler etc i may never have seen some of the best fights ever and now im stuck wondering from a person who said he was better that those i just mentioned .

what if???

what if Mayweather woulda have fought Cotto or Margarito or Paul williams or Shane Mosley who woulda won?
Who knows????

but i guess proving your the best fighter now adays is based on whos the most paid so......
getcha money May getcha money Image and video hosting by TinyPic



for the most part, i agree with you.

floyd isn't a "gifted' boxer...he's JUST a "gifted" athlete. at this very moment, Miguel Cotto is the only dood who can take out Floyd under 154. i don't rank Zab as a "c" class fighter, "b-" but not a "c". i didn't see Castillo's name mentioned and he was the only guy who has actually outpointed Floyd.....but got robbed. Floyd is nothin more than a workhorse breed to be a phenomenal athelete who just so happened to be born into a boxing family. he's a bum, a fuckin wife beater who has the famed "mommy complex"....and uses fame and money to attempt to fill that infinite void in his heart. his return is almost a sure for us REAL boxing fans (such as you and me) but the one-man circus known as Floyd Mayweather will soon return and attempt to steal the glory of all those top 6 boxers you mentioned above. bitch ass craves attention. bitch is still blastin on people AFTER "retirement"......weak


Lexxx Luther said...

1st great reply i agree with most of what u said!

2nd zab - c+ (maybe) lol

3rd) you are sooo right on every point

LMAO at "mommy complex"

but im glad to see your another real boxing fan and not just someone buying into the hype machine

Mike Turner said...

I must clap my hands on this post, Lexxx. I totally agree with most of what you said too, besides Zab being a C*. That dude is a C-/D+, Brooklyn or not, Beast. I will say that I believe Mayweather picked certain fights just to maintain a perfect record. In his defense though, name me people who Paul Williams, Cotto, etc beat that says they deserve to fight this man for his belts. Cotto himself even said he wasn't ready to fight Mayweather a couple fights before the Mosley. Boxing is like wrestling, the champ fights bumbs (Corley, Bruseles, etc), then fights the people with a name in the game, the people who WILL NEVER beat a B+ fight (Gatti, Mitchell, Zab) then the surprising person who be a name (Baldomir), the legend who should retire (De La Hoya) and once and awhile, fight another A fighter (Hatten). If Mayweather was to fight every contender, he'd be fighting for another couple of years because here's a list of people who "quote, quote" deserve a fight now and up and comers.

Cotto- I agree, he should fight him since he is up and coming and putting people on their ass. I got Mayweather winning by knock out cause Cotto has no chin.

Margerita- Who has he beat? Floyd by decision. You not knocking out no Mexican.

Paul Williams- Over rated, who has he beat, and needs a couple more wins coming off a lost to make a point to me. Mayweather by decision.

Up and comers:
Andre Berto
Joshua Clottey
Manny Pacquio (He's moving up weights, that's why I said up and comers.

So think about it. Mayweather made his mark. He was only tested really once as a fighter and none of the score cards were never even close. (The De La Hoya one shouldn't have been)

Mayweather, stay retired. You have nothing else to prove. You made your name, people want to get mad now because your gone. And if you do come back, mop the floor with Cotto and call it a day

Support dathinline.


Lexxx Luther said...

They say a Champ isn't truly a champ until he can defend his title im not sayn fight every contender but the Champ is supposed to defend his belt against one of the top 3 contenders for the belt (isnt that why they have a top ten rankings???. Mayweather has not cause they're not popular enough? W.T.F thats some BS

Cotto - i think floyd can beat if he boxes him

Margerita- is to dangerous of a fight for pretty boy

Paul williams - i think is to long hes a mobile 6ft2 with a 82 inch reach. how will Pretty boy floyd get past his reach without getting hit

Mayweather - 5-foot-9 72-inch reach

Lexxx Luther said...

and look at these Quotes after the Chop Chop fight:

Mayweather had Arturo Gatti on the top of his list. Beyond that, he simply welcomed all comers: "I want to fight the best."

what happened to that????????

Lexxx Luther said...

And to Quote the great Rick Flair:
"to be the man u have to beat the man"

so what do u do when whoevers the man wont fight u

Lexxx Luther said...

watch the very end and listen to what ray said when he fought Marvelous.
" I didnt even want the belt i wanted to fight you"

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