Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ice Cube speaking on Ice T vs Soulja Boy

Mike Turner are you watchn this i swear its the same stuff i was arguing with you about on Da thin Line


Mike Turner said...

If you listened, he cosigned everything I said. He said now, people rap for the money, not because they got skills. I think I did say this a long time ago. Back then, people like Chi-Ali, Da Youngstas, Illegal rhymed because they had skills. Trust me, you had your gimmicks (Kriss Kross) but I would rather listen to those guys back then than anything on the radio now.

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Lexxx said...

1)that type of (gimmicky) hip hop has always been there like i said!( Fat boys, hammer, kid and play etc it just faded away and you didnt see it as much)

2)and the older generation always looked at the younger generations music like it was some b.s.

and of course people rap mainstream for the money its a bizness those who rap just for the love of it can put there material out underground.

soldja boy is the kimbo slice of hip hop (in a weird kinda way) hes a you tube phenomenon! he put his music out and the people made him famous!

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