Saturday, June 21, 2008

WWE Commentator Jim Ross: I Am Becoming A Great Fan Of The UFC And MMA -whole story

I am becoming a great fan of the UFC and MMA in general as you might have gathered if you read this blog regularly. Look for the UFC to begin to make significant inroads in marketing and international growth as time goes on and this will happen much sooner than later. Some of the monies I have heard that the Affliction folks are paying their fighters is extraordinarily high, to be kind, but I am all for fighters/wrestlers, whomever making all the money they can. However if the numbers I have read are accurate then Affliction is going to be operating at a significant deficit for the foreseeable future which might be their strategy. Nonetheless there is no organization that is even close to the UFC in public perception which reaffirms my thoughts that UFC officials would be much better off continuing to improve their product and letting the other groups mismanage their way to obscurity. It is all about building stars and building a brand identity and that, whether it be MMA or pro wrestling, isn't going to change. Much like watching CBS's coverage of Elite XC, the brand Elite XC got less mentions or so it seemed than CBS which isn't in the MMA business….yet. Elite XC missed some opportunities to build their brand on CBS which is certainly not say that I did not enjoy their presentation because I did.

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