Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prove Me Wrong!!!! Its females own fault why they cant find a good man!!!!

The bet post right above this 1 took the words right out of my mouth

Poor Mate Selection !!!!!!
I cant say all females think this way but i can say a large majority does and I basised a lot of this off of my interviews with average everyday women
Lets look at the type of men most females go after:

1) Thugs aka "the bad boys" - Nowadays if you have a few tats and been inside of a cell door more days than you have had a job you have a chance to be more popular with the ladies than a light skin dude with good hair in the early 90s .And the ladies i've talked to about this claim its the rough aggression and danger that turns them on. Not knowing the whole time he was locked up he learned that same take it mentality from "taking it" from his cell mate. Thats where a lot of these homo thugs and down low dudes are coming from!

2) Mr Popular - He has it all the nice car, money and everybody knows him so all the ladies want him so they can be in the spotlight too, and beside thats what a lot mothers told their daughters to do since they were young to get with a man who has something, but not knowing that unless your born into some money or win the lotto it takes alot of work and dedication to get to that status and unless you were with somebody the whole way it may be hard for someone to understand the time and effort that goes into living that life style. It seemed like a lot of females were unhappy later in the relationship when they didn't have the quality time that they wanted and needed and the materialistic things got old.

3)Mr Relationship - A lot of times females will feel the need to be in anytime of relationship and pick the 1st guy that comes along thats is interested in them knowing they may not really like them but they want to maintain a image for either friends or family or they just may be the dependant and need to be in a relationship or married

i could go more in depth with a lot of this but im tryn 2 keep it short and sweet!
I think the biggest flaw in most females is how they pick there mate it seems like they want a man for all the wrong reasons, and they keep getting the same type of men and having the same problems because they are choosing the same type of qualities. i hear females bashing men 24-7 and not to say that a lot don't deserve it but sometimes you need to look at yourself and ask what is it about me that keeps attracting this type of person.

someone left a comment
asking where are all the good men at?
(i cant really answer that question cause im not gay and dont go looking for men but i know a lot of good dudes that are not playas and may may have children or just work and take care of home but i would probably say they're everywhere)

some extra advice

1) ask your self what qualities your looking for in a man and what do you bring to the table?

2) make your self available - ( this is very important) there are so many time i see someone i may want to talk to but she has this mean look and body demeanor like she has some type of attitude and i just wont talk to her cause of that. Smile sometimes say hello be friendly

3) Find what you like to do and try to associate with like minded people (other than the club and bar lol )

but if u feel otherwise try to prove me wrong

and feel free to air out the fellas and the things we do wrong


Anonymous said...


lexxx said...

i agree with the person above me 110%
ima touch on that two!
girls are try'n 2 hard to be men
and men are try'n to hard to be females

this shit is gettn crazy!

Dame is ILLAIM said...

Prepare for the hate fam...

Interested to see where you take this..

Anonymous said...

I agree that women set themselves for what they get. Same for a Man. If ur willing, then I'm giving. Is the game being played. How much of my shit bitch (male or female) are u gonna eat. We no longer care for love, we care to reach or touch them feelings to which I(u) hold control(over the other person). Feel me. People, not WOMEN, set themselves up for a BAD mate.

Anonymous said...

oh and where are the good so called men???

lexxx said...

I agree with the person 2 comments above but this post was about the ladies so thats what im touching on. ima have some more posts where the ladies can air out the fellas 2!!!

lexxx said...

oh and where are the good so called men???

Depends on how you define a "good man"

theres alot of them out there
1st ask yourself what qualities in a man are you lookn for???
my post will be up shortly
we can Air this out!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is..Do these " good men" hold any quilty. There are different folks for different people, you know but why must the topic be about women and not just sexes. Cause we ALL make the mistakes the same

lexxx said...

thats why i put
"ladies you can air out the fellas"
at the bottom of that post!

the 1st post was about the ladies i posted the ladies 1st cause im constantly hearing how bad men are and how we all are the same and ant shit and blah blah blah and thats just not completely true. I always hear how men don't take care of there kids or take care of home but the majority of dudes i come across do try and still get treated like shit or unable to live up to someone else fantasy and they get frustrated end up turning into the guys that treat females wrong. I think alot of females (and males)don't take time out to learn them selfs to truly understand why they keep making the same mistakes.

and i have some posts coming about the fellas 2
(i see your ready to air some fellas out so ima get started on that asap) lol

and again what are the qualities you look for? If you cant answer that question before getting into a serious relationship with someone than you may be prone to make alot of the same mistakes over and over

but feel free to air out the fellas if they act a certain way on any of these posts

Anonymous said...

The Strong Black Woman is Dead...
On August 15, 1999, at 11:55 p.m., while struggling with the reality of being a human instead of a myth, the strong black woman passed away.

Medical sources say she died of natural causes, but those who knew her know she died from being silent when she should have been screaming, milling when she should have been raging, from being sick and not wanting anyone to know because her pain might inconvenience them.

She died from an overdose of other people clinging to her when she didn't even have energy for herself. She died from loving men who didn't love themselves and could only offer her a crippled reflection. She died from raising children alone and from not being able to do a complete job.

She died from the lies her grandmother told her mother and her mother told her about life, men & racism. She died from being sexually abused as a child and having to take that truth everywhere she went every day of her life, exchanging the humiliation for guilt and back again.

She died from being battered by someone who claimed to love her and she allowed the battering to go on to show she loved him too. She died from asphyxiation, coughing up blood from secrets she kept trying to burn away instead of allowing herself the kind of nervous breakdown she was entitled to, but only white girls could afford.

She died from being responsible, because she was the last rung on the ladder and there was no one under her she could dump on. The strong black woman is dead. She died from the multiple births of children she never really wanted but was forced to have by the strangling morality of those around her.

She died from being a mother at 15 and a grandmother at 30 and an ancestor at 45. She died from being dragged down and sat upon by un-evolved women posing as sisters. She died from pretending the life she was living was a Kodak moment instead of a 20th century, post-slavery nightmare! She died from tolerating Mr. Pitiful, just to have a man around the house. She died from lack of orgasms because she never learned what made her body happy and no one took the time to teach her and sometimes, when she found arms that were tender, she died because they belonged to the same gender.

She died from sacrificing herself for everybody and everything when what she really wanted to do was be a singer, a dancer, or some magnificent other. She died from lies of omission because she didn't want to bring the black man down. She died from race memories of being snatched and raped and snatched and sold and snatched and bred and snatched and whipped and snatched and worked to death.

She died from tributes from her counterparts who should have been matching her efforts instead of showering her with dead words and empty songs. She died from myths that would not allow her to show weakness without being chastised by the lazy and hazy. She died from hiding her real feelings until they became hard and bitter enough to invade her womb and breasts like angry tumors. She died from always lifting something from heavy boxes to refrigerators.

The strong black woman is dead. She died from the punishments received from being honest about life, racism & men.

She died from being called a bitch for being verbal, a dyke for being assertive and a whore for picking her own lovers. She died from never being enough of what men wanted, or being too much for the men she wanted. She died from being too black and died again for not being black enuff. She died from castration every time somebody thought of her as only a woman, or treated her like less than a man.

She died from being misinformed about her mind, her body & the extent of her royal capabilities. She died from knees pressed too close together because respect was never part of the foreplay that was being shoved at her. She died from loneliness in birthing rooms and aloneness in abortion centers. She died of shock in courtrooms where she sat, alone, watching her children being legally lynched.

She died in bathrooms with her veins busting open with self-hatred and neglect. She died in her mind, fighting life, racism, & men, while her body was carted away and stashed in a human warehouse for the spiritually mutilated. And sometimes when she refused to die, when she just refused to give in she was killed by the lethal images of blonde hair, blue eyes and flat butts, rejected by the O.J.'s, the Quincy's, & the Poitiers.

Sometimes, she was stomped to death by racism & sexism, executed by hi-tech ignorance while she carried the family in her belly, the community on her head, and the race on her back! The strong silent, talking black woman is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or is she still alive and kicking??????????????

I know I am still here.

- Author Unknown

Lexxx Luther said...

i read your post anonymous it was was very true on many levels but only one sided and only gave one point of view.

My Reponse to
The Strong Black Woman is Dead...

The Good Black Man is Dead...

Medical sources say he died from stress, abandonment and not being raised correctly

He died from not being able to keep up with the Joneses. They thought sex and receiving materialistic items was love was the only from of love, and when he couldn't afford to to that anymore instead of being supportive and by his side she treated him like there was no love.

He died from lies his older friends in the streets tought him when he was younger that would only lead him to prison cause his daddy wasn't around to raise him correctly and his moms didn't know what to do with him so she told him go hang with your friends because she had better things to do.

He died because he was "to nice" he learned when dealing with females the better you treat them the more they don't like you and try to take advantage of you and his elder thought him to treat ladies with respect but his life lessons tought him the opposite.

He died cause when he needed his strong black women by his side when times were hard she wouldn't be there with him and decided it was better to compete against him and talk bad about him than support him.

He died cause he learned most females want relationships for all the wrong reasons either cause their friends or family pressure them and not that she truly cared about him.

He died cause that female that he thought he loved and cared about was full of lies and planned to get pregnant on purpose without him knowing or agreeing cause he had good hair or would have a cute baby or she feel like shes getting older and just need this cause her biological clock is ticking or she thinks babys equal paychecks and a way to keep this man in her life. Now once he sees beyond the lies the cycle repeats and since he don't want to deal with her she gets mad her life isn't the fantasy she thought it was and talks bad about the child's father until the child believes her side and grows up hating him.

He died for never learning how to make a female happy enough no matter what he did was never good enough.

He died maybe cause when she got too independent she treated him like she didn't need him so he stop dealing with her.

He died when he tried to get the black women to teach him how to love and sex her the way she wants she couldn't answer that question or felt like she shouldn't have to teach him so when he cant she just goes and talks bad about him but wants him to teach her.

I personally think the ladies hold more power than they think. everything starts with the ladies. The min they change their minds and lay the ground rules men will follow. If you wanted to get treated with respect carry yourself with the same demeanor. The reason guys do the half the things they do is to impress the ladies. But if we cant talk about our issues than the same cycles will keep repeating and effecting our kids.

Anonymous said...

How can What I post be ONE SIDED but with what you post it's only about how THE WOMEN killed Mans spirits? Not anything about HIS ENVIRONMENT OR POST Traumas... Ur post is definitly one sided and close minded. Not ALL females Do THESE THINGS in which you state. "If you wanted to get treated with respect carry yourself with the same demeanor" stands for both parties. WE aren't getting anywhere with solving OUR problems. Until we can both admit WE BOTH have faults and drop the pointed fingers...This will go on and on........

Anonymous said...

A girl likes the excite and material things a "Thug" can provide. Having tats or going to jail may be a turn on, this guy is tough, he can rock the right spots. A lot of guys that aren't these things that are listed, are the ones complainning but the brothers that got the walk and the talk Know how to keep their women, touch, love, sacrifice for their women. A man knows as well as a woman Knows what to do to keep and or loss their mate. And a WOMAN that LOVES her man WILL stay by HIS side thru not only ups BUT downs. Maybe YOU MEN are choosing the wrong females....check YOSELF!!....AMen

Lexxx Luther said...

IN case you didn't read the title to this post
"it is Prove me Wrong!"
not the faults between men and women
but i do agree with you men choose the wrong ladies too

and i hear what your sayn Anonymous
and what ever turns you on go after im not one to discourage anyone just know what your getting into and don't live in a fantasy world.

cause I'm turn on by strippers but it dont mean i pursue them for a relationship.

I personally get tired of ladies complaining about their relationships and they choose the same type of men over and over.

having tats dont make you a thug!
and listen to what your sayn ladies fall in love with serial killers for the same reason.
until their head is on someones dinner plate
don't believe me do some research

and materialistic things come and go so what do u do when your "thug"
gets locked up and they take all the materialistic things away and there is no more excitement????
you leave him for the next one
same cycle
what does that say about u!

you sound kinda young take some time and find a battered womans shelter
and listen to some females that have been their and done that already

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